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Ornament Collecting Discussion
Originally Posted By: SunnySueI will not be able to go to the event. Will anyone be able to get any ornaments for us? SunnySue, I can get you the porcelain Santa's Sleigh, the metal Sleigh Bell in gold tone, the Old World Santa, and/or the glass C
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Too bad you didn't know you liked the bird earlier. Had seen a couple a week or more ago for 75% off, but they are sold out now. I debated on getting it. I thought it was very pretty, but it doesn't fit with my other themes.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: 2017 Hopes/Wishes by Diana* @ Today at 02:57 AM

Agree with the posts above about: 1. Santa's around the World: Australia, Greece, Spain, Japan. And even though it is part of the US, why not a Hawaiian Santa? 2. North Pole Tree Trimmers: adding some girl elves 3. Little Golden Books: Saggy B
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts OT - Texas Car Rental by mariem2 @ Today at 01:16 AM

Hello My sister and her husband are going to San Antonio, Texas in May. Any recommendations on car rentals? Thanks Marie
Department 56 Forum
Jump to new posts LOOKING TO PURCHASE YOUR DEPT 56 COLLECTION by Toni E @ Today at 12:44 AM

We purchase entire collections of Dept 56 Villages, and their respective accessories....No collection too large. Have been in this business for 16+ years. We guide you every step of the way, and make this as easy a task as possible. We pay for and ma
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: New photo of 2017 ornaments by robster @ Yesterday at 11:30 PM

Rey might not be The Last Jedi. If you believe rumours,lol! Some nice orny's there. DEFO getting the Franklin! Maybe Groot. Was hoping to see Spidey. Oh well. Still wish Hallmark would do Doctor Who orny's!
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Mary Hamilton passes away by kindacowboy @ Yesterday at 09:26 PM

I love those kittens and the dogwalker prints on the blog http://www.thinkmakeshareblog.com/wp-con...keshareblog.jpg
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: To boldly go where only Queli has gone before ... by Diana* @ Yesterday at 01:46 AM

Ditto what Barbara wrote. Thanks for the giggles. (btw that action figure of Kirk in the green shirt has been one of my all-time ever favorites. For years I had it on my desk at work and on especially trying days I'd take a break and make Kirk do sh
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Pictures of our trees... by mariem2 @ 01/22/17 10:11 PM

Thanks Vixen. I will have to keep an eye out for the (#7) ornament. I have always liked that ornament. Karen thanks for the measurements of the tree. It is beautiful. Marie
Using YuleLog Software
Jump to new posts Re: Using A Bar Code Scanner? by Nancy C. in Shawnee, KS @ 01/22/17 07:17 PM

My friend used the barcode scanner option with her iPad a couple of years ago. I don't have an iPad to use, but I would imagine you would use the same functionality you use for scanning a QR code. Is that enough information to help you? As far as I
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Hallmark 1991 Easter Memory Tree by foodlady @ 01/22/17 04:07 PM

I have this tree and display my Easter ornaments and decorated eggs on it each year. I really like this tree because the limbs are wire and very sturdy. Cheryl
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: 2017 In-Store Exclusives by luckdragon @ 01/22/17 01:51 PM

Originally Posted By: sweetdcbHallmark had a Barbie last year as well. I hope this isn't the start of a trend. Darcy While this is the first year they've offered a Barbie ornament as a "pick 2" option, the fancy Barbie ornament was a sta
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Glad to hear it Qui-gon Grin. Lisa
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Share your method for de-decorating! by Qui-gon Grin @ 01/21/17 08:34 PM

Well as I just finished taking down my tree at 9 pm-ish, after starting just after 1 pm I noticed a few things as a follow-up to previous posts. First when I take an ornament off the tree I blow on it to remove any dust. Secondly I think we admire d
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Early Merry Christmas Wishes by mariem2 @ 01/21/17 03:18 PM

Happy New Year to you both.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Precaution by StaceyN @ 01/21/17 11:13 AM

Beaglebabes, so sorry about your son. That is one of my worst fears. I was locked out of my 15 year old email account and was hoping everybody at sbcglobal would meet an untimely and horrific demise because I used that email for everything and it
Ornament Collecting Discussion
I ran across the Hallmark Inspiration tree trimmers at Walgreens post Christmas sale. There were twelve different ones that I found. Four different designs each on the canvas and the molded metal caps; two laser cut designs on wood and two signs (m
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Paperstore major sale by magster2 @ 01/21/17 10:07 AM

For those of you who live near a Paperstore, they're having a 75% off sale just for this weekend. Keepsake ornaments are included. Some pretty stuff for next Christmas or late winter/early spring BD's.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT HOBBY LOBBY **PICS ADDED** by kindacowboy @ 01/20/17 09:03 PM

Remember These That is what the pole is. I picked one up at GW as I was planning on making a pole tree and I could never get the garland to my liking so I scrapped the idea! Works great for the birdhouse. There were two more today at Hobby Lobby.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: New Easter ornaments by Trena @ 01/20/17 07:15 PM

What about using the Sweet Memories tree stand for the new cookie cutter ornaments? Would you repaint the stand?
Disney Forum
of course! I'd totally offer to take pictures as well if you need me to (though ebay would probably be much easier considering I can't even get my profile pic/icon/avatar to load - though I suspect that's more a forum thing and less a me thing.) I a
Disney Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Vote for the 2016 DMR ornament by luckdragon @ 01/19/17 07:40 PM

A lot of the Christmas stuff on DMR is on "sale" for less points. You can get the Dory ornament for 400 points now.
YuleLog Buy/Sell/Trade Bulletin Boards
Jump to new posts Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (January) by Diana* @ 01/19/17 02:40 PM

I'm planning on attending the KOC convention this year but there are a few pieces I am not interested in adding to my collection. I'm willing to sell them at approximate retail (rounding up to the nearest dollar to make math easier): The porcelain
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Curling ... So hubby comes home for work and parks right behind me. Two hours later, his truck is down to the sidewalk. He said until it hits the road he isn't going to go outside. We have had nothing but ice. More ice on Friday.
YuleLog Buy/Sell/Trade Bulletin Boards
Jump to new posts Re: Post your Looking to Buy posts here! (January) by grandma lise @ 01/19/17 10:19 AM

I'm hoping to acquire up to two 2017 KOC Convention Fairies (which are only available by purchasing the bundle) for my collection. If you will have one available for sale, let me know how much you'd like for it. I understand that these ornaments will
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