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Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT HOBBY LOBBY by susan in florida @ Yesterday at 11:46 PM

Love your display.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Let's Follow One Another on Keepsake Community! by carstairs38 @ Yesterday at 11:30 PM

Mark B over there. Same picture as on here. I'm rather behind on following people who have followed me over there. It was like I was out of time over the weekend and am still catching up for something.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Keepsake Community is up by carstairs38 @ Yesterday at 11:25 PM

I got my invitation today. I had to laugh when it showed up because of the timing. I figured it would just be Hallmark movies, so I may or may not activate. We will have to see if anything strikes my fancy.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Sqawking' egg-droppin' Hen by kindacowboy @ Yesterday at 07:40 PM

I have done a little ebay and Youtube research. (thanks for the thought on Youtube as I didn't think of it) It looks like here hat and scarf have been different colors each year. Oh GREAT colorways! Just what I needed to know. OOPs looks like it
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Collecting Burn-Out? by Qwackertoo @ Yesterday at 05:41 PM

Originally Posted By: beaglebabesQuaker Too I love that purple tree. Do you use it for Halloween also? I haven't yet but I might, thanks for the idea. I have quite a few of the Hallmark Halloween Keepsake ornaments, some Radko and quite a few of t
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen by JerseyVike @ Yesterday at 03:32 PM

Originally Posted By: Elliott the ElfOriginally Posted By: JerseyVike I agree !!! Great job you have..... I bet you get free samples !!! I can eat ice cream any and every day if I choose here. And if I take samples straight off the line before i
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Sneak Peek of Twelve Days of Christmas? by JerseyVike @ Yesterday at 08:15 AM

I didn't even buy the mini's at 75% off.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: dream book cover by JerseyVike @ Yesterday at 08:13 AM

I will have to find out more about the Cozy Critters and Not a Creature was Stirring series before I add them to my list. Maybe a preview of the 2nd in the series might help. Right now I not starting those series.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts OT: a free movie screening by susan in florida @ 03/21/17 11:47 PM

Maybe your REGAL theatre is listed. You get to see Gifted. It's a sweet movie about love and family. Screens March 30th at 7:00. https://www.foxsearchlightscreenings.com/index.php/main/blp/S2VsbG9nZ3NHaWZ0ZWQ= You will have to open a Fox account
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Questions about 2004 Disney Pocketwatch by luckdragon @ 03/21/17 11:19 PM

I don't have that one, but if no one else here can answer, there's a seller on ebay that has three for sale, and in the picture, the instruction sheet is there. Maybe if you drop him/her a message on ebay, they'll be willing to tell you what the ins
Ornament Collecting Discussion
I wear my event t's during the holiday season. I get good comments and questions about my collection. Totally adore the vest! Never thought of using them for that purpose.
Disney Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Beauty and the Beast rose ornament (live action) by MeowRalphMeow @ 03/21/17 09:16 PM

I'll pass on that one. Not my kind of ornament but I can see where others would really like it.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
I liked it. A very lavish production and I liked the additions and changes that were made especially the changes to the story that explained some things that were missing in the original story that always kind of bothered me. I won't say anything b
Ornament Collecting Discussion
None too appealing to me. I'll skip them this year.
Disney Forum
Oh, check this out: http://www.disneystore.co.uk/the-reluctant-dragon-sketchbook-ornament-collection-465055039526.html It says that the ornament is limited to 1100 worldwide, 100 to Europe (yet the purchase limit is twenty, so 5 people in Europe cou
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Artists signing at the convention... by Qwackertoo @ 03/21/17 05:05 PM

Originally Posted By: beaglebabesI talked to an artist who is retired and was told there were so many strict do's and don'ts that they were not going to go. As a reminder to anyone who is flying to the event. FAA regulations state you must have an I
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: 2017 KOC Santa's Sleigh by Nancy C. in Shawnee, KS @ 03/20/17 11:53 AM

Originally Posted By: JAS51Thanks! I checked Digital but couldn't find it. I'm trying to make a list of signing artists who did not participate in the main event piece. Patricia Andrews, Katrina Bricker, Sue Tague, Robert Hurlburt, Jim Kemme, Don P
YuleLog Buy/Sell/Trade Bulletin Boards
Jump to new posts Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (March) by beaglebabes @ 03/20/17 12:05 AM

I and a friend are attending the event. We are going to sell Old World Santa, Christmas Shop, Santa's Sleigh, Ring in the Season and Frosty. They will be cost plus shipping and $5. PM me and I must know by April 1. Frosty is sold!
Department 56 Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Department 56 pieces for sale by jayneb @ 03/19/17 06:06 PM

Wanted Department 56 NEAPOLITAN NATIVITY. Please email me jaynebrownwest@yahoo.com
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Originally Posted By: QwackertooHe fixed it~!!!! I was about to give up as he just hasn't had the time to mess with it. Guess you'll be keeping that man around for a while, huh? :-D That was definitely a win-win!
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Tis the wearing of the green by JerseyVike @ 03/18/17 08:54 AM

Happy Saint Patricks Day !!! Tonights dinner is one of my favorate: Corned Beef, Cabbage, Red Potatoes, & Carrots !!! And Beer !!!
Disney Forum
Yeah, I got it off ebay, but thank you. The March one's on ebay now. It's Belle with Mrs. Potts on the part above the snowglobe. Well played Disney...well played. I'm not buying the ornament, but I'll give them credit for being the marketing geni
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: YuleLog 2017 Development Thread by 88eggs @ 03/17/17 01:28 AM

Sean: Would it be possible to make the MARKET PRICE field interactive? I have other collectible lines I have added and I would like to be able to enter a MARKET PRICE. (If I am remembering correctly, sometimes you can enter a MARKET PRICE but most of
YuleLog Buy/Sell/Trade Bulletin Boards
Jump to new posts Re: Post your Looking to Buy posts here! (March) by Gwenda @ 03/16/17 06:43 PM

Found!!! Many Thanks.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Mary's Angels 2017 by susan in florida @ 03/16/17 03:34 PM

thanks for the photo. Nice to see the angels in person.