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Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: 20% rebate offer for a Hallmark purchase made through today by MarieChristmas @ 9 minutes 7 seconds ago

Thank you for posting this information. It took them 4 days to post my rebate, but I finally got it. If I had known about this offer prior to Premiere, I would have probably bought more than I did. Hopefully they'll offer it again in the future.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Comic-Con Ornaments by collector @ Today at 09:31 AM

no, my account shows 2016 club membership with eligibility to renew for 2017. I renewed in March. Others i have talked to have the same issue. Also, how do i link my second club membership to my account?
YuleLog Buy/Sell/Trade Bulletin Boards
Jump to new posts Re: Post your Looking to Trade posts here! (KOC Event) by ForKeeps97 @ Today at 08:44 AM

Updating my earlier post. I have the following signing passes that I would like to trade for Game Tickets, Blue Grosbeak or Grab Bag vouchers. Please contact me through YuleLog or at jerdong@juno.com, if interested. Thanks, Donna Grp 1: Fri 8:30-
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: August 21st Total Eclipse by Elfie7 @ Today at 08:10 AM

We are right in it here in Gallatin TN (North of Nashville TN) Most schools and our county offices are closed. Lots of excitement here! Really looking forward to it!
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Collectively Speaking by Nancy C. in Shawnee, KS @ Today at 01:10 AM

With the change from Diana Rice to Anita Winter and the event this year, I expect a second issue. I don't expect 4. I look for the second issue to come with the local club ornaments and be filled with event items.
Using YuleLog Software
Jump to new posts Re: Submit Item Missing from Price Guide by Nancy C. in Shawnee, KS @ Today at 12:19 AM

Originally Posted By: Sean RayI believe they were missing Box Numbers. I can make an ornament file that users can import if they want, but the patch feature was a little too much for the software to handle the last time we tried. This file will have
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Question about VIP and Continuity by luckdragon @ Yesterday at 10:04 PM

Ah, so it was Peanuts. Thanks, aloha!
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Star Trek 2017 ornament reviews by susano @ Yesterday at 09:41 PM

I agree with the reviews. I am a big Trek fan but the faces of Picard and Data are awful. Looks nothing like them. too bad! Not sure I will get them this year!
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Just 2 weeks until KC by beaglebabes @ Yesterday at 06:05 PM

They are all like that. I emailed pictures of where it is joined together to them and asked if there was going to be a reissue of the wreath. They stated that the final product is up to the artist. I really can't see Jim Kemme approving the ornament
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Yes, I too like that little tree! Hope somebody can find out where to get one! Nice little videos, good job Hallmark! My local Amys manager told me that Hallmark closing 15 more stores! Not sure about Cali, she thought she was ok, a top selling A
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts OT: Yankee Candle Boney Bunch 10 Year Anniversary Event Flyer by grandma lise @ Yesterday at 02:23 PM

It's the Yankee Candle Boney Bunch 10 year anniversary. We saw some of the first pictures last night... Scroll through to yesterday's post and pictures (dated (7/21/17) to find pictures of the Event Flyer... https://www.facebook.com/pg/BoneyBunchLov
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Digital Dream Book by debbieg @ Yesterday at 01:58 PM

This has been going on for 10 days. ??
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Thrift Store finds! by grandma lise @ Yesterday at 12:57 PM

Wow luckdragon! I've never seen any of those ornaments in a thrift store, particularly the Christmas Window series and Here Comes's Santa. Congrats! Last night I had a few finds too, but none Hallmark. A large ceramic hand painted canister that feat
Ornament Collecting Discussion
That is interesting about the Aladdin ornament. I'm still with you on the rant, however. It's an anniversary ornament. The play is no having an anniversary, the movie is. Why would they do that? Why? Yes, I will probably wind up buying this orn
Ornament Collecting Discussion
A grackle would be nice
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Kansas City Convention Weather Forecast by 88eggs @ 07/21/17 09:13 PM

Yes, dress comfortably, and be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as you will do a lot of walking, especially if you do room-hopping. Ted
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Town Crier (Our Sponsor) by susan in florida @ 07/21/17 08:13 PM

I have never been to the store. Maybe some day. I was VERY pleased with my mail order. I got everything on my wish list. Everything was really well packed. SO easy to work with too. Thank you Town Crier!!
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: So, what did you buy at Premiere? by pxsrdh @ 07/21/17 12:33 PM

Originally Posted By: Qui-gon GrinQueli, How do you get such great closeups? See my lousy post in the "To boldly go ... thread". Thanks for the compliment :-) ...this is the camera that I have currently. It's a Canon Power Shot SX600HS.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Collecting Goals by Barbara Harris @ 07/21/17 06:58 AM

Originally Posted By: JerseyVikeI think the 2005 Puppy Love was a Highland Terrier or Westland Terrier. There was a white puppy as well. Can't remember which one was the colorway/repaint. The series edition is the white Westie. The repaint is the
Disney Forum
I'm new to uploading photos there. I'm not sure either. I just assumed that the link would be fine to view the pictures. I really like them. They are of good size and the detail is nice. The art on the box is really well done as well. Snow White is
Forum Tips, Tricks, and Testing
Jump to new posts Re: Uploading test... by JerseyVike @ 07/20/17 06:28 PM

Premier purchase list
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: KOC event ornaments on Ebay from Hong Kong by luckdragon @ 07/20/17 04:17 PM

Originally Posted By: erika20_98maybe Ebay should be notified, could they do something? You can report an item to ebay, but they are using official pictures and claiming the items are pre-sell for what they are, and there is no way to tell if these
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: How was Tannenbaum's Dept store? by Barbara Harris @ 07/20/17 07:32 AM

Since the original Tannenbaum's was 'oversized' as a special edition, it stands to reason that the Keepsake Korners version will be a smaller scale, measuring 3.65" H x 2.75" W x 2.15" D. compared to the original at 4 -15/16" H x
Disney Forum
Wow. It appeared to still be in stock last night when I was shopping. I was shocked to see the Duckling still for sale. I don't remember seeing the other two, but I wasn't paying close attention.
Ornament Collecting Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Crown Rewards Premiere Bonus Points by Nancy C. in Shawnee, KS @ 07/19/17 08:10 PM

Originally Posted By: alohahere's what it says on Hallmark.com (https://hallmark.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4126): What if my reward certificate has expired? Reward Certificates are valid for 90 days after they're issued. However, you can
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