colors on bird

Posted by: auntlucy

colors on bird - 11/08/19 07:01 PM

I cannot find the post that I read a few days ago. It clarified the question about the decorations or coloring on one of the bird ornaments. Does anyone know what the comments were about the bird coloring?
Posted by: Galloping_Cat

Re: colors on bird - 11/08/19 09:56 PM

Iím sure there I saw a way to link to the original post, but I canít figure out how to do it! The title of the post youíre looking for is:

Lady cardinal not painted
Posted by: beaglebabes

Re: colors on bird - 11/11/19 06:11 AM

For the lady cardinal inside of the gold ball, there was no green on the back like for the male. It instead had little white berries in groups of three. I confirmed this with the artist.