one more shopping trip

Posted by: susan in florida

one more shopping trip - 01/25/20 09:50 PM

A private owned store put all their left over ornaments $2. each.

I purchased 13 at $28. with tax. The total box price is $300. That's a little better than 90% off.

I got 4 ornaments that were $29.99 each. I have a couple of birthday's coming up and they will make great gifts.

Hallmark really over produced some ornaments this year.

I heard that corporate stores will go to 90% off next store. I only have one in my area and they didn't have much left at 75% off. Anyone know what day the sale starts??????
Posted by: beaglebabes

Re: one more shopping trip - 01/26/20 11:40 AM

What a deal! I agree some were really over produced. I saw on a facebook page where they had the same ornaments in the store as my store had at 75% off.
Posted by: Qui-gon Grin

Re: one more shopping trip - 01/26/20 07:38 PM

Nice haul. I wish I could find ones that I waited for at those prices.