Ornaments turning “sticky”

Posted by: Galloping_Cat

Ornaments turning “sticky” - 01/26/20 02:20 PM

I noticed this year that two of my ornaments have turned “sticky”.

2010- B.H. Bugg
2007- Great Getaways (suitcase)

I’m so upset about B.H. Bugg! It is my favorite Hallmark ornament of all time—I even use it as my avatar on several online sites.

I don’t understand what caused these ornaments to degrade like this! The Hooked on Hallmark site notes that the same thing has happened to these ornaments in their stock also.

  • Is anyone aware if there any other ornaments that have started getting sticky?
  • Is there anything that can be done to reverse the stickiness?
Posted by: susan in florida

Re: Ornaments turning “sticky” - 01/26/20 04:02 PM

Yes some of the older rubber like ones. Remember the bendable Rodney Reindeer.

I have both of the ones you posted. Now I have to find them and see.
Posted by: Qui-gon Grin

Re: Ornaments turning “sticky” - 01/26/20 07:35 PM

While I have never had encounter this problem with an ornament, as an action figure collector I have encountered this problem with those type of collectibles, on a few occasions this has occurred right out of the package.

If both problems are similar, though the plastic used on both seems to be different, what is happening is the "plastizer" used in the manufacturing process is leaching out of the plastic, it's not necessarily degradation.
Fortunately the problem can be fixed with a mild dishwashing detergent and water.

If the ornament is flocked or has metal parts then I'm not sure what to do.

Here are some websites that explain the problem and how to deal with it.

With soap and water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J0oZKR-5DI This may be the best way to go with B.H. Bugg.

A little more complex fix and explanation: http://tirofinale-news.blogspot.com/2017/05/cleaning-stickystained-figure.html

A summary of different methods: http://thundercats.org/forums/index.php?threads/why-do-some-of-the-figures-get-sticky.2360/
Posted by: beaglebabes

Re: Ornaments turning “sticky” - 01/26/20 11:24 PM

My BH Bugg is sticky also and I asked Edyth Kegrize and she said hers was also. And the autograph looks like Mr. Bugg stepped in something. I asked Hallmark on their facebook page to stop making rubber ornaments. Like a rubber band, eventually I think they will come apart.

I am going to try to clean him and then put some king of coating on so he doesn't smell and isn't sticky. No, no deodorant! LOL
Posted by: MicheleB

Re: Ornaments turning “sticky” - 01/27/20 03:21 PM

My luggage ornaments are sticky as well. It really drives me nuts that they feel that way.
Posted by: susan in florida

Re: Ornaments turning “sticky” - 01/27/20 04:55 PM

there was another one of a snowman the had bright color buttons down the front. It feels like the paint never dried on the buttons as they are really sticky.
Posted by: beaglebabes

Re: Ornaments turning “sticky” - 01/27/20 11:37 PM

A few years ago, I bought an ornaments and took it out of the box to check it and the paper was stuck to the ornament as the paint did not dry. The manager saw this and said to just get another one. She never saw anything like that either.
Posted by: JerseyVike

Re: Ornaments turning “sticky” - 01/29/20 07:52 AM

My B.H. Bugg ornament is sticky too. I put it on the tree as is, but was planning on un-stickying it before I pack it up.
Posted by: Galloping_Cat

Re: Ornaments turning “sticky” - 02/02/20 09:48 AM

Thanks for the instructions. I tried it on Great Getaways first, as I don’t have any real attachment to that ornament. Worked like a charm! Haven’t started on BH Bugg yet, but it is next, with fingers crossed that it doesn’t get ruined.
Posted by: Qwackertoo

Re: Ornaments turning “sticky” - 02/03/20 08:45 AM

The only items I've had turn sticky, wasn't ornaments. It was a couple of Smashbox Palettes. Not super high end makeup, not cheap makeup either, more your average middle of the road like Clinique or Nars or ?

What with it being makeup, more powder shadows and blushes . . . and being the outside of the compacts, I threw them in the garbage~! Not taking any chances.

Other weird item(s), and geez I hope that never happens, especially to our newer ornaments in last 5 or so years . . . being outsourced from the USA as they always have been, but who knows what/how/chemical processes or whatever . . . Clarks shoes, with vibram or other material comfort soles . . . I had a stash of about 10 pairs, never worn, yes I buy lots of shoes on sale, and when I went to wear them, just walking out to my mailbox, about 100' down the driveway . .. and they just started crumbling and falling apart. Checked the other pairs by just bending one shoe, and same thing . . . fell apart literally. And they'd been on a high shelf in my closet . . . in the interim I had fractured my ankle so didn't wear even 2 1/2 inch elevation for quite some time. Threw them all in the trash. I called Clark's and that phone call was waste of time, they sent me a 20% off coupon. Thanks but no thanks. It was very weird. Same thing with a brand new pair of husbands Timberland casual shoes. And my shoes were cute too, lots of woven leathers and such for the uppers but who the heck knows what the soles were made of.

Makes one wonder exactly what they are doing with/to the materials that comprise so much of our daily products. Kinda scary. Especially stuff that comes in daily contact with our skin.

I think I have a BH Bugg ornament in my "to sell" box and will check it out as I had just taken photos of the box and didn't open it.