spam email

Posted by: beaglebabes

spam email - 03/11/20 07:07 PM

Today I got an email from ATT. The email concerned updating my email to go with CurrentlyAT&T. It looked real and had all the right stuff then when I clicked on the bar, I got a danger warning. Stupid me entered the password, etc. Well I had to set up a new password and when doing this I don't go through email but a phone call. So now I hope all is good.
Posted by: RCarp

Re: spam email - 05/28/20 04:54 PM

I keep trying to sign in with current info and then click keep me signed in for 2 weeks. the next thing I try to do then the stupid window pops up again and I have to sign in again!! I don't understand what the "currently" thing they are mentioning that we now can change our email address?? I don't want to change mine, it is a "" and would have to change it everywhere! Does anybody understand what is going on?