Ebay Questionnaire

Posted by: debbieg

Ebay Questionnaire - 03/18/20 10:47 AM

Ebay has sent out questionnaires to sellers asking for feedback. Now's your opportunity folks to let Ebay know what you think of your relationship (as they put it) with Ebay. One thing I mentioned is that although Stores are a great benefit to Ebay, I feel they've hurt the individual seller who isn't a store but just trying to recoup what I've spent on ornaments (for example).
Posted by: JerseyVike

Re: Ebay Questionnaire - 03/20/20 07:39 AM

I hope I get a Questionnaire. I'd like to give my opinion.
Posted by: Galloping_Cat

Re: Ebay Questionnaire - 03/20/20 04:54 PM

I didn’t get one either. I wonder what the criteria is for receiving one? I don’t have an Ebay store, but I do regularly sell. I wonder if it only went to “store” owners?