Sue Wiggins email

Posted by: elfin365

Sue Wiggins email - 09/22/20 06:50 PM

Hi, it has been months since I have been on the board.

On Sept 10 I received an email from Sue just to me. It seemed very odd, because I of course know who she is through the Christmas Card Exchange. I believe it was someone trying to hack my email account.

The message was; "I'm wondering if you can recognize this guy in that photo." then a link to press. I did not press the link. This is probably just an attempt to hack my email, but I wanted to share it with you in the case you receive something similar.

I am sad that Sue has left the board, she gave of her time graciously.

If someone is going to run the Christmas Card Exchange I would like to participate again. regards elfin365
Posted by: susan in florida

Re: Sue Wiggins email - 09/22/20 07:11 PM

Yes I think she has left.

Yes there will be a Christmas card exchange. Janet will be taking over.

I'm sure someone will have more information to add.
Posted by: elfin365

Re: Sue Wiggins email - 09/22/20 08:25 PM

thank you Susan
Posted by: beaglebabes

Re: Sue Wiggins email - 09/22/20 09:25 PM

I got the email also. I get emails like that and normally do not open them but I did this one.
Posted by: APAL2016

Re: Sue Wiggins email - 09/27/20 09:48 AM

I have gotten it a few times over the last 6 months. I just delete it.