local clubs - help with ornament setup?

Posted by: cally

local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/05/02 12:19 AM

I thought I would ask the opinions of you experts -- what do think of a Hallmark store that invites the local club to help with ornament setup? Would you really want to go help, just to get a sneaky peek at all the ornaments? Or would you think the store was just trying to get free labour? I am having a breakfast in the store, for my local club, on Ornament Premiere morning. A bit late now to make plans to invite the club to help setup beforehand, but I am wondering if I should invite them next year?
This is all new to us -- the club is just one year old. We're serving birthday cake with Premiere Breakfast. The cake decorator at the bakery should certainly get a giggle out of making a Christmas design in July! Especially if I ask them to make up our club logo - a cow wearing a Santa hat.
Anyways, let me know what you would think of helping a store setup the ornaments -- good idea or bad? I appreciate your input! Thanks.
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Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/05/02 06:01 AM

I think your club members would love to help! The chance to get to see the ornaments up close a few days before Premiere would be such fun.

I also don't think it is to late to ask them to help you this year. I bet you find alot who would volunteer.
Posted by: Sue in Ill

Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/05/02 06:04 AM

Cally, If I were a member of your club it wouldn't be too late to ask me. I would be there with bells on!! I don't have a local club, but if I did I would be begging to help set up the display just to get a look at the ornaments.
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Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/05/02 06:20 AM

This is the 2nd year that my local club has been in existence, and we have been invited to set up the ornament display again this year. I'm not sure if "invited" is the correct word because we practically beg the owner to help with this! Last year we had such a good time. It was great to get your first peak at the ornaments with your fellow addicted collectors there to share in your enthusiasm. It sounds to me like you have a good local club, with a nice sponsor as well. I'm sure she offered this to you for fun, more than any other reason.

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Posted by: Nancy C. in Shawnee, KS

Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/05/02 09:26 AM

My local club's sponsor doesn't allow us to help with putting up the displays. I don't think we've ever asked if we can help because I think that they usually have enough regular people working that they get it done in a timely manner. But we usually volunteer to help with Premiere - restocking shelves, bagging up purchases, serving refreshments, and handing out goodies like free T-shirts to the first 50 people through the door.

I spoke with the manager of my favorite store the other day about working as a temporary employee to help get this done (since I don't have a regular job yet, I thought this would be a way to help support my ornament habit); it sounded like she may take me up on my offer. My husband thinks that the store would find a way to get the work done without the additional help from me (paid or unpaid), and I agree.

But I agree about getting to see the ornaments up close and personal before Premiere - who else wants to do that more than collectors, and who probably knows the ornaments better going in to the process than a collector?

I also don't know how generous your local club sponsor is toward your club. Several years ago the original owner of my local club sponsor's stores sold the business to another owner. He was hesitant to offer some of the benefits we had before; after we started volunteering for Premiere and Holiday Open House he was glad to give us some things that we had enjoyed before. The staff at the stores had told him how much we helped, and he knows who spends money in his stores.

And like people say, the worst thing that could happen is to ask if you can help get the display set up and be told no.

I also understand that the display this year is a new design and that the ornaments will be displayed in a pattern that matches the Dreambook.
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Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/05/02 10:09 AM

Years ago our club was asked to help 'hang' the new ornaments.
Later on I learned that it took MUCH longer that year because the members got so excited and each one would have to see what the other one was unpacking. Such oohing and ahhing going on that the work took forever. I think now the employees do it so it can get done more quickly. Most of the employees are NOT collectors so they don't care about them like WE do.
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Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/05/02 01:16 PM

Cally, I think your members would love the opportunity to help out. I know I would! I don't think it is too late to ask as it is still over 5 weeks away. It sounds like your party will be wonderful and I wish I was close enough to share in the excitement.

Sue, Surrey,B.C.

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Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/05/02 01:19 PM

Our local club here in Centreville VA will be helping unpack and set up the displays. This is our first year in existence. We are really excited. THe employees don't collect except the manager. They probably think we are crazy to work for free!!
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Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/05/02 07:33 PM

Our previous store sponsor let us come in and help and we were thrilled. I think they really did appreciate our help because their employees were not that familiar with all the ornaments and we would know where the series went, etc. Those of us who did it were so excited to get a sneak peek at the ornaments. The store called us "hookers" for hanging the ornaments. Every year they would ask again who wanted to be a "hooker".

We have a new store sponsor now and we will not be able to do it this year. I will miss it.
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Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/05/02 11:45 PM

Well being a store sponser I must say I LOVE when my club helps out they have been doing it for the past 5 years or so. And usually my staff and I set up the actually fixtures and hang the ornaments. What they then get to do is stock all the ornaments this way they can look at them as they are stocking and I let them pull their ornaments that night so all they have to do premiere day is pay for the purchases.

They like to go "Hallmark Hopping" on premiere to enter drawings for prizes and kinda do their own thing this way they have one less thing to worry about!

Also I don't think its too late to ask most of them will jump at the chance to get a sneak peak! And this year my club gets an extra advantage they get to see all the new ornaments tomorrow June 6th. A Hallmark Rep. from our area used a local stores back panels to show the ornaments at a buying meeting and she is letting our store along with a few other stores see the ornaments before taking them back to Hallmark! We are all very excited!!!

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Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/06/02 07:25 PM

I am with the majority on this one Cally. It is NOT too late to ask.

I wish my Sponsor would ask us. She has three Stores and I would love to help out at one of them.
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Re: local clubs - help with ornament setup? - 06/07/02 07:44 AM

Originally posted by Jen62017:
I let them pull their ornaments that night so all they have to do premiere day is pay for the purchases.

Cally, this is a convenience you ought to consider offering your club members. I am one of Jen's club members and I just love this special treatment! As Jen said, with our ornaments set aside for us the night before, we don't have to worry about "fighting" the rest of the shoppers and can really enjoy the day knowing our ornaments are all bagged and just waiting to be picked up.

And Jen, thanks so much for the door prizes that were there for us last night. I was thrilled to get Santa Claus Marionette...it is what I would have chosen if my name had been drawn first! And, it was truly a treat to see the ornaments a month before Premiere! I'm sure more members would have come if it hadn't been for the tornado warnings that were issued for that area!! If I had realized that a storm had gone north (where the preview was) I probably would have not showed up either. As it was, we had just gotten 1 inch sized hail and torrential downpour in Pasadena but what I understood from the tv was that the storm was going east..out to sea...NOT north!!
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