OT--Help! Can't get rid of a program named gator!

Posted by: missy123

OT--Help! Can't get rid of a program named gator! - 06/09/02 09:48 PM

My dad was downloading something and now I have a spyware program named gator constantly trying to access the internet. I used my spyware program to find all of the files. It deletes all but one file. When I try to delete the log I get an alert saying disk is write protected. Anyone know how to get rid of this? I don't know why it's trying to access the internet, but thank god for my firewall.
Posted by: Linda Wilson

Re: OT--Help! Can't get rid of a program named gator! - 06/09/02 10:04 PM

I had this program a while back and I had to go into the Windows Control Panel and access the "add/delete programs" then scroll down until you find the gator name and then delete it.

Also if you have a version of windows that has the restore function you can try to restore your system to an earlier date, say the day before the gator downloaded.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Linda in KCMO
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Re: OT--Help! Can't get rid of a program named gator! - 06/10/02 12:18 AM

OH NO! The only way I could get it TOTALLY out of my system was to uninstall it from the gator.com website. I tried removing it from windows, and even using Norton clean sweep, and the pop-ups and sign ins (and the wallet) kept coming back. Try the uninstall at their site - that is what finally worked for me.


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Re: OT--Help! Can't get rid of a program named gator! - 06/10/02 06:32 PM

I have Gator and I like it.
It fills in your log in name and password for you.
It has not caused me any trouble.
I was going to say go to add/delete programs too but I see that Linda told you that already.
But, I think that Gator comes with it's own delete program too. No, it doesn't. I just went and looked.
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Re: OT--Help! Can't get rid of a program named gator! - 06/10/02 08:32 PM

I believe that gator is spyware, so I'd be wary of it. Spyware usually keeps track of where you've been on the internet, and the uses of that info varies. Some programs/sites use it to target ads, some collect data...I don't want ANY of it on my computer. Personally I feel it violates my privacy.

To get rid of adware and spyware, I use a program called AdAware, which is free. They have a customer support forum which is very helpful and responsive - they helped me tremendously (even did a couple of hours of research for me to fix a problem I had ). They've been featured on TechTV many times - that's how I heard of them.

Anyway - the AdAware program searches your registry and hard drive for you and finds any suspicious programs/cookies/etc.- then you tell it to keep or delete each individual thing it finds. Keep in mind that some free programs you might want to use do come with some spyware that installs itself on your computer (usually without your knowledge) and those programs usually won't work without the spyware being there. However there are alternatives out there for most free programs where someone has worked around the spyware to prevent its installation, but still allows you to use the software you wanted in the first place. I have no idea who has made these work-arounds and if they violate anyone's copyrights, etc., I'm just telling you they're out there.

I downloaded the AdAware program from lavasoftusa.com, in case anyone else wants to.