Yulelog with Vista and Windows 7

Posted by: Anonymous

Yulelog with Vista and Windows 7 - 12/20/09 04:42 PM

Might I suggest an architectural change to your program that has frustrated me for years. It is always good practice to separate the program files from the data files. Perhaps you can consider an option to allow the program to be installed in the "program files" folder, and give the user the ability to choose the location for the data files. This makes the most sense and solves a lot of issues like externally backing up all your files on the computer from a single place (user area).

Just a thought. I am in the process of getting this to work with Windows 7 and have not had luck...just yet. But I'm certain I will get it to work even though I don't like having to install a program in the "user" area.
Posted by: Todd Ray

Re: Yulelog with Vista and Windows 7 - 12/20/09 06:08 PM

I'm sorry it frustrates you, but unfortunately, it is pretty fundamental to how YuleLog works. YuleLog was created using FileMaker Pro. It is the only database program that works almost exactly on both Mac and Windows. The version of FileMaker Pro that I use, has always imbedded the data files in the same files that hold the program instructions. To do otherwise is not an option. The backup routine that I use, does create separate copies of your data that can easily be copied to a USB flash drive for safe keeping.

YuleLog should work fine on Windows 7 if you install it in the Documents file. Changes that came about when Windows went to Vista and then to Windows 7, will not allow the creation of the backup files in the Program Files folder (as worked for the previous 13 years), thus the requirement to run in the Documents folder.

I know it is different, but it works and for the most part, YuleLog is remarkably stable.

If you need additional installation instructions, let me know via eMail and I will send you a PDF file.

Todd Ray