Yulelog 2016

Posted by: MicheleB

Yulelog 2016 - 08/08/16 08:35 PM

Is anyone else having a problem using the FIND feature in Yulelog 2016? When I do a FIND and choose a specific collection, it is not finding the whole collection or even the collection at all. But if I do a SHOW ME, it will show me the entire collection.

Posted by: Peg

Re: Yulelog 2016 - 08/09/16 06:50 PM

i looked up frosty friends with the fIND and it was all there.typing this is so slow. see you friday. peg
Posted by: lindafay

Re: Yulelog 2016 - 09/22/16 09:03 PM

I couldn't find any of the 2015 and 2016 Merry Miniatures in the Priceguide.

I had entered the 2015s and the first batch of 2016s manually. When I go to my collection and look for MM, all those that I entered are there. Of course, no picture and only the info that I entered.

That's all I've checked out so far.