Strangest Place You Ever Made A Pin Trade

Posted by: Qwackertoo

Strangest Place You Ever Made A Pin Trade - 10/14/02 04:39 PM

My strangest place is in one of the Ladies rooms @ Animal Kingdom Park.

On one of our trips I spied a lady wearing the WDW Locker CM pin with the words Cast Member as the dangle part and the lockers for the Fab Five in a ladies room at Animal Kingdom. While at the sinks and hand dryers, me the shy little chicken, asked her where she came by that pin. She was very nice and tried to give me the pin and I of course told her I couldn't just accept her giving me the pin and surely I could trade her something. She told me she and her boyfriend were both Cast Members and she would trade me and said her boyfriend collected the Zodiac Pins. I had just happened to purchase earlier that trip the LE POM Zodiac and finally convinced her to PLEASE let me give her the pin and not to just give the Cast Member pin to me! Now they have done the DL CM exclusive POM Locker set which I have been tempted by but think I will just hang on to my WDW CM Locker pin! The CM's are for the most part really fun to talk to and trade with!


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Re: Strangest Place You Ever Made A Pin Trade - 10/14/02 06:31 PM

I haven't ventured out to ask any cast members for a trade yet. We're usually so busy, I don't get a chace to see what they have on, or what they do have on isn't what I'm looking for.

But I'm encouraged by your post here and will have to keep my eyes open for a chance to try it, the next time I'm there, like this weekend!

Karen W2 - Oceanside, CA.
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Re: Strangest Place You Ever Made A Pin Trade - 10/14/02 07:24 PM

The CM's at WDW told me the best time to trade with them was first thing in the morning as they refresh their lanyards with new (read hard to find, LE's, retired, and perhaps even CM exclusive or Cruise only or whatever they have in their employee stash they all refresh from) vs. as the day wears on when they have a bunch of common, Disney Store 1/2 price pins that other guests have traded them for their more sought after treasures earlier in the day. Although we were always in a rush to get to Dumbo, or Kilamanjaro Safari or wherever, we always tried to catch a glance at some of the CM's along the way.

I had a fun time wearing the CM Locker pin and was asked directions or this or that question several times because people thought I was a CM! At Wal-Mart or somewhere that might be a bad thing but at WDW or DL it isn't such a bad thing

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Re: Strangest Place You Ever Made A Pin Trade - 10/14/02 07:27 PM

I bought this one Imagineer LE pin on our October trip and wore it that December too on my lanyard and I bet more than 100 people asked me "WHERE did you get that pin?" including many CM's asking and many many tried to trade for it! So pins can be great fun and conversation while in the parks and restaurants or even on the monorail or buses or boats too!