My first & best birthday ever - at Disneyland Resort!

Posted by: Karen W2

My first & best birthday ever - at Disneyland Resort! - 10/22/02 01:09 PM

So glad to read that KarenH and her family had such a good time at DCA and DL this past week, I just had to share the great time I had this past weekend there too!

We got there on Friday, since it was my birthday & I'd never gotten to spend it at Disneyland before. My DH had pre-arranged (that sneaky, wonderful guy! ) with the concierge at the Disneyland Hotel, to have a birthday button with my name on it at check-in, then a card, presents and a gorgeous basket of flowers with 3 Mickey Mouse balloons in it, waiting for me in our room!

It was a wonderful surprise and I wore my birthday button with pride! Lots of "Happy Birthday Karen!" wishes from CMs, a few songs here and there, one was by the CM working Gadget's Go Coaster, who had all the guests on the train clap along, as he sang a mercifully short song to me, a semi-private Jungle Cruise (just us and a mom & kid using the baby swap pass), etc.

FREE yummy desserts - a chocolate mousse when we ate at the Blue Bayou (waterside table!), Napa Rose brought me a fig crustada (like a very large tart) along with a metal holder set on the table with several tiny desserts on the it (creme brule, chocolate triangle - the best!, chocolate chip madelaine and apple tart) and Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen brought me a piece of their Chocolate Decadence cake! We had it wrapped to go, as my DH and I really wanted their Bananas Foster, that they flambe table-side, made only for two.

Almost forgot! When we entered the park and they scanned my premium annual pass, the computer displayed, "Happy Birthday Karen Wallis" on it! I'd never seen that before, so it was a treat, and the CM working there wished me a Happy Birthday as well.

MouseAdventure was a blast, like in past times, but the park was really crowded, so it was hard to get around. But we still had a great time with our friends who came out to join us, to be on our team.

It was a wild and wacky weekend, with lots of surprises and my first and best birthday at the Disneyland Resort!!

Karen W2 - Oceanside, CA.
Posted by: Qwackertoo

Re: My first & best birthday ever - at Disneyland Resort! - 10/23/02 08:58 AM

Glad you had a GREAT time Karen!!! Sounds like things were really crowded with the World Series game going on next door.

Since my birthday is in June, I wouldn't attempt celebrating at either WDW, DL or DCA due to the crowds and heat. A cruise in June would be lovely though! Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise Karen? Maybe you could share tips if you have.

Posted by: Karen W2

Re: My first & best birthday ever - at Disneyland Resort! - 10/23/02 11:51 AM

Hi Deanna,
Yes, we have been on a Disney cruise (are you surprised?! ), but it was several years ago, before Disney started their very own company, so I'm not sure what info I could give you that would be current to their line specifically. Unless you want info about cruises in general and then I'd be happy to help you where I could.

When we went, it was with Premier cruise line, and part of the package was cruise and part was your stay at WDW. We were seated at a table of newlyweds, the only people on the ship who DIDN'T have kids in tow. Lots of characters running around and fun things for kids to do there.

We had fun, but it wasn't as much fun as the other cruises we'd been on before - Alaska, Bahamas, Mexico, etc. From what I read on the Disney-oriented websites like and , the new Disney line is very successful with families, so I'm sure it would be something you'd enjoy!!

YESSS! Things were very crowded with all the hoop-la going on in Downtown Disney and the parks, for the World Series last weekend. Obviously, this was something we and the resort couldn't predict and normally, the parks aren't very crowded at this time of year. It was hectic, but we still managed to have a great time!!

Karen W2 - Oceanside, CA.