Great Night spent at Grand Californian Hotel for FREE!

Posted by: Karen W2

Great Night spent at Grand Californian Hotel for FREE! - 02/16/11 04:48 AM

I just had to come tell everyone about the wonderful time we had at the Grand Californian Hotel, a couple of Friday nights ago!

I received an email last month from Disney, letting me know I was chosen to be part of a special Disney focus group (don't know how, but I'm happy I was chosen!) and when I called to tell them I was indeed interested in taking part, they told me that Disney would be picking up the check for a night's stay for the 2 of us at the Grand Californian Hotel (the most expensive on-site hotel and our favorite!) that night, including all fees and VALET parking, I'd be taking part in a special survey group, we'd both have a very special reception dinner with the President of the Disneyland Resort, two 1-park tickets to Disney California Adventure, with a special VIP viewing for both of us, of the great World of Color water show that's running there now.

When we checked into the hotel, we asked if we could receive an upgrade to 1 King bed, instead of the 2 Queen beds we were given and the Cast Member went away, to check. She came back and let us know that since we were in the special group, we would be having a "delivery" being made to our room, so they couldn't change the room, since they wouldn't know where to send the delivery, so we said that's fine, we'd stay where we were. When we got to our room, we found it was one in the newest wing of the hotel, normally used for Disney Vacation Club members. We had a nice-sized room, with a balcony and a nice view of the other on-site hotels, as well as Downtown Disney.

When we checked in, we received an envelope with my name on it and inside were 2 park tickets! Not only were they NOT the 1-park tickets they'd mentioned on the phone, they park hopper tickets (for BOTH DCA AND Disneyland!), and they're good until 2013! We're Premium Annual Pass Holders, so we didn't need to use the tickets that day and can save them until we need 2 tickets for friends who'd like to come to the parks with us another time, maybe for the next MouseAdventure (scavenger hunt game)!

Once we got our things settled in our room, we went into DCA to spend some time, before I had to go to my group meeting at 4:30 pm.

I can't tell you what we heard and saw, since I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but once they let us know we're free to tell people about this, I'll be sure to let you know all about it!

I had a great time in the group and when we were done, we were escorted to the hotel ballroom for our dinner reception. They had standing tables, tables with chairs and open areas around the various food stations. Great salads, a carving station for the Beef Tenderloin and Turkey with 2 breads, cheeses, fruit and various desserts. My hubby had already been let in, since our discussion was going so well, we went a little over the time they'd set for it, but it was fine. We had a great dinner and enjoyed spending time with some of the friends we discovered had also been asked to take part in the groups, that we knew from the D23 club.

After dinner, we were escorted into DCA (didn't need the tickets or our passes after all!) and shown to the special VIP section they had reserved for us, to see the World of Color show. We'd seen the show once before, when I won tickets to a "special VIP" showing for Coca-Cola, but that was in a different area. The section we were shown to that night was really the VIP section!

It was right in the middle of the show area, above all the other people, so we had an excellent view of the water projections, since where we were was where they were the clearest (if you're too far to one side or the other, the projections look blurry). We arrived with a few minutes to spare, to situate ourselves and we really enjoyed the show!

After the show, since it was a bit chilly that night and I was anxious to see what the "delivery" was, we went back up to our room. Waiting on the armoire for us was a great surprise! There was a large plate, with "Grand Californian Hotel" written around the rim in dark chocolate, with 3 large oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, arranged in the ever-present Mickey ears shape, along with a large carafe of milk on ice, napkins, straws, etc. It was the hotel's special "Cookies & Milk" delivery, all thanks to Disney! We enjoyed our cookies and milk and went to sleep.

The next morning, we awoke to find NO BILL was put under our door during the night as promised, Disney had truly covered all the expenses! We had breakfast at Storyteller's Cafe, spent some time in DCA celebrating my hubby's birthday, then came back to the hotel, to get our car from the valet, all expenses paid!

We had the best time and if either of us is ever asked to take part in something like this again, we'll jump at the chance!!

Posted by: lindafay

Re: Great Night spent at Grand Californian Hotel for FREE! - 02/16/11 06:44 AM

Wow, Karen! Lucky you. Sound like a great time.

Posted by: carstairs38

Re: Great Night spent at Grand Californian Hotel for FREE! - 02/16/11 01:54 PM

I'm turning green with envy here. I'd love to be involved in something like that.
Posted by: MicheleB

Re: Great Night spent at Grand Californian Hotel for FREE! - 02/16/11 02:48 PM

Wow Karen that would be a dream come true for me. Congratulations on being offered such a great deal.
Posted by: cally

Re: Great Night spent at Grand Californian Hotel for FREE! - 02/18/11 09:53 PM

Very exciting for you and your hubby! Glad you got to do this, sounds like you were treated royally.
Posted by: Karen W2

Re: Great Night spent at Grand Californian Hotel for FREE! - 02/22/11 03:18 AM

Yes, we definitely had a great time, especially since my hubby's birthday was on that Sunday! I'm hoping they release some of the info to the public soon, so I can feel free to share it with everyone.

I enjoy doing surveys and especially for Disney, it was something I've always wanted to do. As I mentioned, I felt like my time was well spent and I was definitely more than adequately compensated for doing it!!