2012 Disney Store ornament hopes?

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2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 08/16/12 01:18 PM

I'm bored. So, I'm starting a topic.

Anyway, it's about a month away from when the Disney Store online site will have almost all of their Christmas ornaments up including the 2 for $16 crowd. I've been checking almost daily and they've been slowly adding Christmas stuff up but not those.

So, what do you hope to see?

As always, I want characters I don't have ornaments for! That's #1 request every year. Last year's crop gave me several new characters (Ursula, Bernard, Bianca, Armoire from Beauty and the Beast aka Madame de la Grande Bouche, and Scar).

This year I want to see...

1-Anything from Disney's Tarzan!
Seriously the only ornament I can find from that movie is a Grolier ornament of Young Tarzan. Not what I'm after. I really want Tantor, but I'll settle for just about anything since it is my third favorite Disney movie.

2-any character I'm missing from Beauty and the Beast.
Here's what I have: Belle, Beast, Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Armoire, Gaston, Maurice.
Most appreciated would be Phillipe the horse and the cute little footstool dog. I'd also like the prince. Favorite Disney movie, I'm obsessive about the ornaments from it. One of my favorites is an Enesco ornament called Beauty for the Beast:

Really? How awesome is this ornament? I stumbled onto it while seeking out an Enesco ornament called Happily Ever After and had to buy it ($29.99 ouch but so worth it because it's something I would have never expected to see in an ornament).
But, my favorite Beauty and the Beast ornament ever I got in 2005 from WDW:
Best sculpt I've ever seen on the Beast, bar none. I'm actually seeking out the other ornaments in this line. The line all had Disney couples holding a Mickey ball ornament and were sold in the mid-2000s in the theme parks. I have Belle/Beast, Cinderella/Prince, Aladdin/Jasmine on Flying Carpet with the Mickey ornaments on the corners of the carpet, Pongo/Perdita, and Simba/Nala. I know they made Aurora/Phillip, Ariel/Eric, and Snow White/Prince. I'd love to find them, particularly Snow White/Prince since my only ornament with that prince is an Enesco one that doesn't look that good. I also believe they did others (I would imagine Lady/Tramp and Thomas O'Malley/Duchess). If anyone knows of any others they did for this collection, please tell me. I absolutely love these and keep them out year round. I cannot seem to have any luck searching for these online. I've tried multiple times and cannot find them. I know that a Yulelogger out there has the Cinderella/Prince one because I remember seeing it on a Mickey wreath, so I can't be the only one that remembers these.

3-Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp

4-Trusty and Jock from Lady and the Tramp (I do have a miniature Jock) Second favorite Disney movie.

5-Fairy Godmother from Cinderella

6-Flynn Rider (Hallmark's being stubborn and I stupidly didn't buy the Flynn ornament when Disney Store offered it since I felt Hallmark would do one the next year. WRONG!). I'm hoping they reissue the one with the boat. They've reissued before because they sold a Pongo/Perdita ornament online last year that I bought from the Disney Store in 2007.

7-Naveen from The Princess and the Frog but not as a frog

8-Shang from Mulan (I'll take any characters from this movie though. I only have the Grolier President's Edition of Mulan)

9-Merlin and Wart from The Sword in the Stone

10-Oliver from Oliver and Company.

Disney's getting ready to do Blu-ray releases on the 21st for Pocahontas, The Rescuers/Rescuers Down Under, The Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp II, and The Tigger Movie. I would totally love some characters from these films that I don't have.

Anyway, what would you like to see?
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 08/16/12 04:25 PM

Oh man. That's a hard one. I feel like I should have some choices, but the Disney characters I have as ornaments are so limited, there are so many I need, I'm not sure where to begin.

BTW, I love that Beast in the bathtub ornament. Once I get a job, I'll have to keep my eyes opened for it.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 08/16/12 05:48 PM

Here's a link to some photos of my Disney tree from last year: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2419079521815.2106759.1396204131&type=3

I purposely don't put garland and other extraneous things on the tree with the orns, since I think it detracts from the orns and looks too busy. I arranged them all in groups from the same movie or theme (some from when we've dined at Club 33 around Christmastime and were able to buy that year's orns) last year, so that way, I could see which ones I have lots of and of which I don't have as many. I also included a couple of non-Disney orns, like the Pepe Le Pew orns, just cos I wanted to see them!

Hallmark has now done several orns of Rapunzel with Pascal, but none with Flynn or the other characters. I'd like to see them come out with more from that movie for sure. I was able to get the Disney store orns last year from the movie, but I really wish they weren't made of "disaster plaster"!

I'd also like to see some orns of the characters from "Brave". I bought the Merida orn from Hallmark and I'm anxious to see what Disney Store might have coming up. Triplet boys and triplet bears perhaps? The suitors? That would be hilarious!!

I'm hoping they re-release the Rescuer's orn from last year. I really liked the Devil's Eye with Miss Bianca and Bernard, but I didn't like the price, so I thought I'd wait til it went on sale. Unfortunately, they were all gone by the time they had the first sale, so I'm hoping they bring it out again, like they've done with some of the others.

Why don't we ever see Belle with the Prince? It's always in his Beastly form! I would love to see something with the two together, after the curse has been lifted!

I haven't seen any of the orns you're looking for, but if I ever do, I'll let you know. I also picked up several of the B&B orns last year and look forward to seeing what they have this year! It would be cute if they did one with Lumiere and the feather duster, since that's how Paige Davis from Trading Spaces met her hubby, Patrick Page (when they played those rolls on Broadway)!

I bought the Si and Am from Disney Store last year and it's cute! Maybe they'll offer it again this year.

We went to Destination D at the Disneyland Hotel last weekend and I was so surprised to hear Tony Baxter mention "Song of the South" and they showed a clip from it! He said he wasn't going to say anything about the movie, like if they'd ever release it on DVD or anything, he just wanted to celebrate the artistry they used in the movie, especially for the "Zip-a-dee-doo-da" scene! I know I'm not the only one who has wished for this! The event was a celebration of 75 years of animation and we had live concerts with Dick Van Dyke and the Vantastix, as well as Alan Menken!

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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 08/16/12 06:05 PM


I went to look, but your link isn't working. \:\( I think I may have to be Facebook friends with you to see it.

I would have loved to be at that Destination D event. I just hope they release something for Song of the South. I'd love to get my hands on a legal copy. And some ornaments, too.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 08/16/12 08:15 PM

I forgot about the feather duster character! That would be a good one. Enesco did Lumiere and the feather duster. The ornament's called "Human Again." This is the only link I can find that has a picture of it:

Enesco, why did you stop making your Treasury of Christmas ornaments? *dramatic sigh* Shoot, I'd be more broke if they still made them; I suppose I should be grateful.

I must have missed the Si & Am ornament last year. \:\( But, it may not have been sold online. I've seen it on ebay. The Bernard/Bianca one is really nice, so I hope they re-release it for you, Karen!

A Brave ornament would be nice. Come to think of it, it would be shocking if they didn't do one. I wish Disney/Pixar had let Hallmark do one of Merida with her mother. Maybe Disney will do it.

Oh, and thanks for the offer of letting me know if you see those Disney couple ornaments. I combed ebay today when I was thinking about them and hit a dead end...again! I could kick myself for not buying these ornaments when I saw them, but at the time I don't think I had a goal of different Disney characters in ornament form (I'm at 147). This is the sad excuse for the Snow White prince I've settled on for now:
Snow White and the prince both look off in the face. Luckily it doesn't look as bad from a distance. But the box has a better horse. Completely different pose.

Good luck with the job hunt, Mark. I'm grateful for my job at Toys R Us and as a substitute teacher while I keep up the search for a full time job. Frustrating economy! TRU starts hiring in September for Christmas help (they tend to have to multiple their regular staff by five to cover Christmas demands). I'm sure it's not what you're looking for, but at least it's something to do and a little money coming in. I got started there one Christmas and got lucky that they kept me on.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 08/16/12 08:38 PM

I will have to look into TRU next month. They're on the other side of town, but as you say it would be better than nothing.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 08/20/12 11:53 AM

They're coming! Last week, searching ornament on the Disney Store site yielded 49 results. Today, 67!

Look at this Mickey ears ornament they just put up. Best yet:
They also did Halloween ones, a St. Patrick's Day, and an Easter ornament for the Mickey hats featuring Thumper and eggs.

This one's also freakishly adorable:
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 08/20/12 07:29 PM

If Mickey were holding Dole Whip, I would have to get it. Even so, he's cute.

So far, I'm not seeing any must haves, which is a very good thing.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 08/27/12 03:41 PM

I see the Daisy ornament, but I hope they come out with a Daisy and Donald ornament like they always have of Mickey and Minnie.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/04/12 08:53 AM

Here we go folks! The ornaments are arriving! They are the $10.50 ones (2 for $20, hopefully that changes since it's only knocking 50 cents off each).

We've got new characters! Harris, Hubert, and Hamish as bears from Brave, Lilo and Stitch, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Pocahontas and Mulan got added to the tulle skirt princess ornaments (Pocahontas doesn't have a tulle skirt though).

Ursula on the ball is back! That's my favorite Disney Store ornament ever. It's lovely, and I highly recommend it.

I really like the Sleeping Beauty Phillip and Aurora ornament (Aurora's wearing blue), Lilo and Stitch since I need Lilo, the Brave bears, and I like the Peter Pan in the windowsill one, but I prefer the 2000 Hallmark Peter Pan, so I doubt I'll buy it. The Dopey and Snow White one looks good too, but I don't like Dopey, so I'll pass (Bashful's my favorite). Lady and the Tramp ornament has them in front of the wet cement, but the Hallmark version of that scene is way better. Plus, Disney made a mistake. Tramp should not have a collar on in that scene. There is a nice Alice ornament of Alice standing in the "Drink Me" bottle.

The new ones are interesting because when you click on them, it shows concept art for the ornaments.

Oh, and this is probably not all that they'll do. They tend to do more than this so...*fingers crossed*
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/04/12 04:25 PM

Thanks so much for the info!!
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/04/12 05:26 PM

I just came back from a visit to the site and saw some new additions to those I've been seeing for a while. I must be in the minority, since I don't care for the "ear hat" ornaments. They just don't get me, which is good, since it's less to spend money on. Kinda like Vinylmation - I don't like those either, but there are lots of people who do, so that's good for them.

Here's my list of those on the site today, that I'm interested in seeing before actual buying:

1. Alice "Drink Me" - Alice is my #1 favorite to collect!
2. Brave Bears - I hope they're not covered in glitter
3. Chip and Dale - Seems like one I have already, I'll have to check
4. Sleeping Beauty Castle - Looks like a really nice one
5. Rapunzel - She's my 3rd favorite to collect! Merida's 2nd!
6. Lilo and Stitch - A definite see it first, not sure on this
7. Peter Pan - Another see it first, looks kinda odd

Victorian Tree Skirt, I passed on this one last year, since I already had a Disney tree skirt, but it came up missing last year and since I love Victorian things and bought many of them last year, I may have to get this one. But all of these wait for now, til I see what Mickey's of Glendale gets in and if we get our third annual D23 Shopping Day after the Christmas stuff has come in, when we get a 40% off discount!!

So, where are the Merida orns? One with her alone, her "suitors" or with her "mum" would be lovely, as well as one of the family sampler! Where's Miss Bianca and Bernard with the diamond? I'm hoping they re-release it, since it sold out last year. Where is a Flynn Ryder and/or Maximus orn? I hope we continue to see more orns added to their collection between now and closer to Christmas!
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/04/12 11:09 PM

Augh! So excited to go take a peak (after spending all weekend at Disneyland), and the site is currently down for maintenance. Must be patient. Must be patient.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/06/12 01:09 AM

I made it in today. I really like Sleeping Beauty (mainly because it has Prince Phillip) and Goofy's how to play baseball.

Several others I like, but those are the ones I think I might not be able to live without. Especially Phillip because I bet he's hard to find on ornaments (most of the princes don't get enough merchandise.)
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/06/12 12:16 PM

I was thinking last night how that would be a great series for Hallmark. Enough of the Princesses, give us a series of the Charming Prince's. Snow, Cindy, Belle, Aurora, Ariel other half's for starters. I don't know all their names . . .Charming, Phillip, Eric & ???

And more Villains.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/06/12 12:35 PM

I can name the princes. I've been obsessed with Disney quizzes on Sporacle for like a week.

In order: Prince, Prince Charming, Phillip, Eric, Adam (never named in the film but is the name Disney gave him), Aladdin, John Smith, Shang, Naveen, Flynn/Eugene.

I am a sucker for Disney couple ornaments. I also zone in whenever I see Aurora in blue since that's the correct dress color (she spent more screen time in blue than pink). I loved the magic ornaments Hallmark did in 2006-2008: Once Upon a Dream (Phillip & Aurora), Kiss the Girl (Eric & Ariel), and A Magical Night (Beauty and the Beast). I'd love a Disney couples series:
1-Prince and Snow White
2-Bambi and Faline
3-Ichabod and Katrina
4-Prince Charming and Cinderella
5-Peter Pan and Wendy
6-Lady and the Tramp
7-Phillip and Aurora
8-Pongo and Perdita
9-Thomas O'Malley and Duchess
10-Robin Hood and Maid Marian
11-Bernard and Bianca
12-Tod and Vixey
13-Taran and Eilonwy
14-Eric and Ariel
15-Beauty and the Beast (or Adam and Belle)
16-Aladdin and Jasmine
17-Simba and Nala
18-John Smith and Pocahontas
19-Phoebus and Esmeralda
20-Hercules and Megara
21-Shang and Mulan
22-Tarzan and Jane
23-Milo and Kida
24-Naveen and Tiana (not as frogs)
25-Flynn and Rapunzel

There's 25 right there. I know that some are not necessarily romantic couples (Ichabod and Katrina, Peter Pan and Wendy), but I was so close to 25, I had to squeeze a few in.

What couples Hallmark has done (have to share 1 ornament):
Prince and Cinderella*, Lady and the Tramp, Phillip and Aurora, Thomas O'Malley and Duchess, Eric and Ariel, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Jasmine, Simba and Nala, John Smith and Pocahontas, Phoebus and Esmeralda, and Naveen and Tiana**. Not even half of the list I was able to come up with!

*no, I'm not referring to the Precious Moments piece, they've done one where the two were not PM styled
**kinda sorta...Naveen was a frog while Tiana was a human though, so I'm not sure if it really "counts"

Seriously, I've been playing these quizzes for too long. It's quiz heaven though:

Edit: Also, Hallmark, you should seriously do a set of ornaments for Disney's Ichabod Crane (half of "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad") for your Halloween line. I absolutely love that half of the movie. Especially cool that Bing Crosby does the narration. Just a set of ornaments of Ichabod, Brom, Katrina, and the Headless Horseman. It would be such a switch, an unexpected switch from the regular Halloween ornaments which seem to be Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, and whatdoyouknow, Charlie Brown. Yes, I'm fully aware that they've done non-Peanuts ornaments for Halloween.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/07/12 01:14 PM

This one showed up today (maybe yesterday; I'm unsure because they have taken down 3 ornaments and added this one. They keep subtracting instead of adding). It's not a 2 for $20, but I must have it! I hope by the time I put in an order in October, they'll be running a Disney Parks promo (I also hope 2 for $20 get a better price. Honestly, it's just saving 50 cents on each ornament. Not a good enough incentive). I look forward to Monday since I feel that they'll probably add more on Monday.

Is that not awesome?! I need Rex too for my character collection.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/07/12 01:40 PM

That is TOO cute. Should be a good seller.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/07/12 09:22 PM

I would have sworn I'd seen that one in person before. Either way, I love it.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/13/12 09:21 AM

I feel like feeding people's habits today.


*whistles innocently*

I hope they bring back Rex soon. Apparently it sold out a few days after I posted.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/13/12 03:29 PM

So cute! Thanks for sharing it! I definitely want to see this in person! I didn't get the Wall-E orn when Hallmark put it out, since we hadn't seen the movie yet, but after we did, I wanted to get it. If this is cute enough, it might keep me from getting the Eve orn this year! \:D

BTW, there is no such thing as an "innocent" whistle!! \:D
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/13/12 04:25 PM

Why did you have to do that? Now I want it. (Oh wait, maybe that was the point.)
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/13/12 09:30 PM

As I posted in the Seaford, DE thread, the Disney Store outlet at the Tangers Outlet Stores in Rehoboth Beach, DE has this year's ornaments for sale (2 for $20). I saved over $6 by buying two ornaments (Brave's three bears and Toy Story 3)at the Disney Story outlet than online - no shipping, no sales tax. If you have a Disney Store outlet nearby, you should check to see if they have the Disney ornaments on sale before buying online.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/17/12 08:56 AM

YES! The 2 for $20 ornaments have gone from 37 to 59! Yahoo!

I must have the Aristocats ornament of the 3 kittens! I have the Hallmark Thomas O'Malley and Duchess ornament

Also need Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from the Tangled Ever After wedding. This might be the only time we'll ever see short-haired Rapunzel as an ornament.

There's a great Fantasia ornament of Ben Ali Gator and Hyacinth Hippo.

To add to Sleeping Beauty Castle, Cinderella Castle is back from last year and Rapunzel's Tower is making an appearance.

Ursula and Ariel ball ornaments must be the start of an unofficial series because this year they have Tinker Bell on a ball and two Dalmatian puppies on a ball. I have Ursula, and they use a very high quality ball ornament for these. Gorgeous.

Lots more including Pinocchio in the bird cage. Oswald Rabbit has an ornament too! So does the new Frankenweenie!

I'm still shocked they didn't add another Brave ornament.

My list to get:
1-The Aristocats
2-Tangled Ever After Flynn Rider and Rapunzel Wedding
3-Ben Ali Gator and Hyacinth Hippo
4-Lilo and Stitch
5-Timothy Mouse
6-Tangled Rapunzel Tower (that's too cool to pass up)

I'm limiting myself to 6 of these just like last year. I'll skip the Brave bears. I really wanted one of Merida and Elinor. Hopefully Rex will show back up.

Oh, and they are still calling it Sneak Peek, so we may see more!
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/17/12 09:12 AM

Looks like they added a lot of the Dept. 56 stuff too. Wasn't there last time I searched with key word "ornament" even though many of the items that show up, 205, aren't ornaments.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/17/12 09:13 AM

 Originally Posted By: luckdragon

6-Tangled Rapunzel Tower (that's too cool to pass up)

Oh, and they are still calling it Sneak Peek, so we may see more!

Yes, that is a neat one. Very cool design.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/17/12 12:10 PM

We must have similar tastes because I loved the Tangled tower and wedding (then again, I love Tangled) and the hippo and alligator ornaments (that's my favorite Fantasia sequence).

But I also must get Oswald. I know they are doing more with him, but I love that he is getting some recognition these days.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/17/12 01:26 PM

 Originally Posted By: carstairs38
We must have similar tastes because I loved the Tangled tower and wedding (then again, I love Tangled) and the hippo and alligator ornaments (that's my favorite Fantasia sequence).

But I also must get Oswald. I know they are doing more with him, but I love that he is getting some recognition these days.

Tangled's definitely the best computer animated feature Disney's done without Pixar. I especially thought the way they handled the ending was clever since Rapunzel's tears bring back the prince's eyesight in the Grimm fairy tale. The whole thing was pretty smart, and the horse was great. I can't really pick a favorite part in Fantasia. I like all of it except for the first sequence with the animated lines and patterns. Pretty, but not that interesting. I'm also a bit of a snob in that I'm not that big into Fantasia 2000. Granted, the first time I ever saw Fantasia 2000 was when I bought the Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 DVD combo pack last year. I do like that they did that sequence for Hans Christian Andersen's Steadfast Tin Soldier, even if they changed the ending (in the end of the real fairy tale, sorry, the soldier goes into the fire and melts down). Andersen had very few "happy" endings to his fairy tales. The Little Mermaid, prince married another girl and the mermaid turned into seafoam* after she refused to kill him (that would have let her go home as a mermaid), Little Match Girl, girl dies, very depressing. A gentler version of the Steadfast Tin Soldier is Andersen's The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep. He did do some happier ones like Thumbelina and The Snow Queen (Glen Keane was trying to get Disney to do The Snow Queen...I wonder if that's still in the works...).

Disney did do an amazing version of Little Match Girl. You can watch it on Youtube:
It's beautifully done and brings a tear to my eye (then again, just reading that fairy tale makes me cry every time).

Oswald is tempting for me, I'll admit it. I kind of keep hoping Hallmark will get the opportunity to do Oswald as a limited quantity ornament like how they do the classic black and white Mickey stuff. With the Disney Store ones, I like to try to think what Hallmark is least likely to do.

I just realized I only got 1 of my top 10 wish list. Flynn Rider. Oh well.

*Not sure how many of you are familiar with Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, but Miyazaki did a film loosely based on The Little Mermaid called Ponyo, and they do mention if the boy doesn't confess his love for the girl, she'll turn into seafoam. It's very, very abstract. Instead of a mermaid, she's a goldfish with a human face. If you know Miyazaki, it's not that strange. Granted, it's not my favorite of his films. Disney does the English dubbing for his films.

Forgive me, that was long-winded. I study fairy tales in my spare time because folk tales and myths fascinate me.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/17/12 03:47 PM

Well, I'm going to go wildly off topic now, but with your love of fairy tales, do you watch Once Upon a Time? And if so, what do you think of it?
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/17/12 09:27 PM


Yes, I watched all the episodes and am currently going through the season 1 DVD. I was/am a big Lostie, and the format is very, very close to how "Lost" was done. I'm wondering though with the season finale how long they'll be able to make it last. This season is all about villains from what I've heard. I can see how they could make that a season of just a battle, but like "Lost," I think ABC is going to have to give them a set date for when the series ends. Without that, they can't get the mythology and mysteries to come to an end and will just keep grasping at straws.

I think some of the characters are definitely better than others. Robert Carlyle in particular is amazing to watch as Mr. Gold and Rumpelstiltskin because he's so good at both parts. Loved the Mad Hatter's back story. Even though I thought it was strange, I enjoyed Jiminy Cricket's story too. Cinderella is very weak. I'm not sure if it's how it was written or the actress, and I didn't like that she went out drinking with Ruby the waitress (no age hinted at yet) and Miss Blanchard, a teacher. They clearly said she was a pregnant teenager in the main Cinderella, so why does she go drinking (she'd had the baby by this point)? I double checked Maine's legal drinking age too. Maine's legal drinking age is 21. Why would the adult teacher not discourage this is beyond me.

The main thing that does bother me is that they are using Disney references when I don't think they need to. Like the Beauty and the Beast episode. They named the character Belle. Okay, fine. It's a French fairy tale, so that would be her correct French name. But they had a Gaston in there too. And her dresses were clearly influenced by the animated motion picture. They also named the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty Maleficent. That's from Disney. The original fairy tale versions I've read do not name the character, and the ballet calls that character Carabosse. The seven dwarfs are all named after the Disney dwarf (although Grumpy's original name in the TV show is Dreamy and there was an 8th dwarf named Stealthy 'til he died). I understand that Disney owns ABC and all, and I respect Disney a great deal. I just kind of wish they'd change names or something. The dwarfs bother me the most that they went with the Disney names. Disney did a live action made-for-TV movie for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs years ago and didn't even use the names from the animated movie (I think they used the days of the week). And then using the Gaston name was irritating too. They are good at coming up with their own thing, so I don't think they need to rely on Disney for character names. I liked that Snow White ate the apple to save James' life. I thought that was a good idea. Using Rumplestiltskin as the Beast was genius too. Red Riding Hood turning out to be a werewolf was brilliant. I've never seen the story told that way. Very strong character; I'm hoping to see more of the backstory there. And I love the actress who plays Granny.

I'm looking forward to seeing Captain Hook in the upcoming season. That should be a lot of fun. I know they are doing Mulan this season too.

I had heard that ABC was working on a series for Beauty and the Beast. I'm curious to see how that will work. I think they've changed it to a miniseries or made-for-TV movie. CW is doing the redo of the late 80s CBS Beauty and the Beast. I'm still not sure what's up with that. The Beast for them is very strange. More akin to the Hulk than a beast. They wouldn't have to go to an extreme like the CBS show with the guy with the lion face. Just make the actor less attractive with heavy scarring or disfigurements, something. The point of the fairy tale is to look past outer appearances, and I think the CW is dropping the ball here, and the show probably will only last a season (or two if they have stubborn producers). Granted, the CBS show only lasted 3 seasons and Linda Hamilton's character was dead at the end of season 2, so she wasn't in the third season. But it was so creative! The whole world underground under NYC, the mysteries/crime solving, it was a really interesting program.

One of the best versions I've ever seen of the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast is the 1978 Czech production. One of the reasons it's so good is the beast truly looks as hideous as can be. I do love the 1946 French version, "La Belle et La Bete" and 1991 Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" is my favorite animated motion picture of all-time. But this one's very interesting.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/18/12 12:08 AM

I'm a huge fan of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. One of my all time favorite movies.

I've been loving the Disney references in Once. It's one of my favorite things to go through and try to find them all. I am highly addicted to the show and can't wait to see where it goes when they pick up this season.

I certainly agree that I hope they work out an end date. While I don't think Lost did what it should have with knowing the end date, a show like this does need an end date. But for now I am really enjoying it.

Good catch on Cinderella. I had forgotten she was a teenager. She had the baby in the first episode we saw her in. I figured she was really 21 by that point. Heck, she'd been pregnant for 28 years, cut her a little slack. \:\) The actress who played her is on The Last Resort this year, so we probably won't see her much.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/20/12 12:09 PM

A terrible number was the number of replies for this section of the forum, so I must add a reply to fix that.

I do like how they snuck in "Lost" references in there. I immediately picked up on Regina's house number (108) and the Apollo bars plus a few others. They've used the Apollo bars in several episodes, so it's hard to miss them. I can't believe I missed that the clock was at 8:15 (for flight 815, thanks commentary track). Then, of course, they use several actors from "Lost" as guest stars.

Which reminds me: I got the TV Guide in the mail for next week, and it has an article about "Once Upon a Time." Emilie de Ravin has signed on to become a series regular! She plays Belle (I don't think they ever mentioned her Storybrooke name). I'm so excited! Despite my mentions of how much Disney was in that storyline (completely forgot to mention they put in a chipped cup too), it's my favorite couple on the show. In the fan world, the couple is called Rumbelle. lol
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/20/12 01:42 PM

I hadn't heard Rumbelle.

I'm wondering if we'll have Storybrooke names now that everyone knows who they are.

I watched lost, but I had missed many of the references. Then again, they stopped with those numbers so long ago.

Emilie de Ravin was almost cast in another show, but the pilot didn't get picked up. Immediately, they signed her to Once. I think they realized what they almost lost. (Pun not intended. Honest.)

A week and a half.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/27/12 09:40 AM

 Originally Posted By: carstairs38
I'm wondering if we'll have Storybrooke names now that everyone knows who they are.

Don't know, but we'll find out in 3 days!

Oh, and Disney Store added more things. There is a Merida ornament now. Not with her mother, darn it.
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 09/27/12 03:36 PM

Thanks for the info! Here's what comes up when I put "ornaments" into the search box:


Here's what happens when I put "Christmas ornaments" in the box: http://www.disneystore.com/disney/store/...=pPublished%3A1

Sometimes you find different things, depending on how you word it!
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Re: 2012 Disney Store ornament hopes? - 10/15/12 04:42 PM

I'd love to see all Snow Whites Seven Dwarfs as an ornament.

In "Hi Ho ifs off to work we go" mode!