Disney Hallmark Train

Posted by: Melbow31

Disney Hallmark Train - 11/08/16 08:33 PM

I love the Disney Hallmark train set. I think it's adorable!! But the price is so high and I just can't justify spending on it yet.

Does anyone think there will be some left after Christmas? I would love to get them if I can get a discount. Probably sounds crazy, but it's just a thought I had. Thanks!
Posted by: 88eggs

Re: Disney Hallmark Train - 11/08/16 08:53 PM

I feel there will not be full sets left. That's why I put it on my Wish List to pick up this weekend during the Open House/VIP event, to count toward my $50 purchase (the three pieces out so far and the track are about $58).

Posted by: Melbow31

Re: Disney Hallmark Train - 11/08/16 09:21 PM

Thanks Ted. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Haven't even purchased any ornaments yet trying to save money frown

For some reason I didn't get my VIP invite so it wouldn't really help to buy a few then maybe just for the bonus points. I will still think about it!