??? D 23 magazine

Posted by: susan in florida

??? D 23 magazine - 10/12/17 09:52 AM

A friend wants to to sell her premiere year d23 magazines. All mint in plastic covers.

She has premiere issue spring 2009, summer 2009 with fan, two fall 2009 one has postcards and one has a cloth patch, and winter 2009 with Christmas card.
Do they have any value? Or should I toss on garage sale pile?
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Re: ??? D 23 magazine - 10/12/17 10:06 AM

At one time they were fetching 15-20.00 each on eBay. Maybe more for the first one.

I haven't looked in a very long time. I also have those saved as I was only a member that Charter Year and then most events were CA oriented and not FL.

You might try the facebook group called Disney Garage Sale. IF you want to. IF you can't find it or let me know & I'll try to send you an invite via facebook. At least that way no eBay or PayPal fees. You'll have to let them know you don't do PayPal . . . IF you need a "good word" on your trustworthiness . . . or to vouch for you on a sale . . . just let me know.

Hope this helps~!!!!
Posted by: Qwackertoo

Re: ??? D 23 magazine - 10/12/17 10:49 AM

Looks like currently the most expensive that year is the Fall one featuring Haunted Mansion ranging from 40-60.00.

WOW they even have some 2017 with the B&TB on the cover for 40.00. So some are still more collectible than others many years later into the club.

I didn't check "sold" listing but it looks like from a glance they are worth more than "garage sale fodder" that you'd get at your average garage sale.

Here is link showing some 2009 auction from high to low.

Posted by: btowndude

Re: ??? D 23 magazine - 10/12/17 12:11 PM

There are several D23 facebook groups. While many of those may be Charter members who already have the magazines, others might be newbies and interested in getting back issues. I would post an ad on those groups.
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Re: ??? D 23 magazine - 10/12/17 02:36 PM


Thanks. I know nothing about Disney.
Posted by: susan in florida

Re: ??? D 23 magazine - 10/12/17 02:38 PM

Thanks for the link

Posted by: MicheleB

Re: ??? D 23 magazine - 12/06/17 12:07 PM

I sell mine every time I get one. I don't remember which one it was, but there was one I got over $40 on ebay for it. Good luck.