2017 DMR ornament

Posted by: luckdragon

2017 DMR ornament - 11/22/17 04:57 PM


Beauty and the Beast this year. Not a spinner though. I went ahead and redeemed. Love it!
Posted by: erika20_98

Re: 2017 DMR ornament - 11/28/17 10:31 AM

I saw this but I'm on the fence about it. Let me know when you receive it and what you think
Posted by: luckdragon

Re: 2017 DMR ornament - 12/04/17 07:16 PM

Got it today, and I like it. The rose petals have nice detail, and the pearls are pretty. The image is nice too. I really don't use my points on DMR until an ornament is available, so I get it every year. Have the Mickey/Minnie/Donald, Pooh/Piglet/Tigger, Frozen, Finding Dory, and this one. I know I'm missing earlier ones, and I really didn’t like the “Big Hero 6” ornament.