Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019)

Posted by: Sean Ray

Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 06/11/19 01:11 PM

Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019)

Just click on the New Reply button and add a message! To email someone about a post, click on their name, select View Profile, and look for their eMail address. If you want people to be able to contact you, make sure you go to My Stuff, select My Profile and enter a public eMail address. You can't add new topics here, you must use the New Reply button to add a new message.

Once you have sold an item, edit your post and mark the item SOLD! This helps to let people know that selling on the YuleLog boards works! It also saves time for both seller and buyer by letting everyone know an item is no longer available.

On the Buy/Sell/Trade boards, please limit the size of your messages to about 40 lines. Years of feedback from board readers indicates that they don't want to see long, long lists.

Don't add lots of blank lines by hitting return if your ad is small. Don't post your entire inventory! Just share a few of your best deals and offer to eMail your full list!

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Don't post the same (or similar) ad every day. The posts stay on the board for several days, so you don't need to put it back up every day.

You can edit your messages! Don't post your message again, if you make a mistake, just click on the edit icon and fix your mistake!

Don't post about bad traders. While you may have truly run into a bad trader, many, many, times it is an honest mistake or a shipping delay. So to prevent mistakes and to avoid liability issues, I ask that you not put this type of information on the YuleLog Bulletin Boards. There are other resources available if you have been a victim of fraud.
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Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 06/11/19 08:24 PM

I have the following items for sale:

1996 2nd Football Legends Troy Aikman - $1.50
1997 Detroit Pistons - $.50
1999 New Home - $1.50
2000 6th Hoop Stars Karl Malone - $1.50
2000 Nephew charm (26 of them) - $.90 each
2000 Niece charm (10 of them) - $.90 each
2003 New Home - $1.50
2015 Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers - $1.50
2017 Sweet Snowman (2 of them) - $2.00 each
2018 Beauty of Birds print (2 of them) - $1.50 each
2018 Santa Playing with Train set drawing (2 of them) - $1.50 each
2018 Snow Buddies Pin Set (2 of them ) - $1.50 each
2018 VIP bag and contents (2 of them) - $10.00 each
2018 KOC Dream Book - $2.00
Cheers to You set of 2 glasses (3 sets of them) - $1.50 each

All items are plus shipping. I only ship within the US.

If interested, please email me at or PM me here on Yulelog. I will need your zip code to figure out shipping and your email address to send you an invoice from PayPal.

Posted by: Betty Peach

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 06/15/19 03:42 PM

I offer for sale these ornaments. Postage will be added to the price. PM me here with the ornament you are interested in and your zip code, so I can figure the postage.

Snow Buddies Repaint - QX8003 $25.00
Click Your Heels - QXI7487 $20.00
Fire Brigade Chevrolet Fire Engine
Repaint (White) SDB - QX8449 $20.00
Pals at the Pole -QX8827 $15.00

I’m Melting! Melting-SDB- QXI4024 $40.00
Rainbow Brite and Starlite-QXI8681 $20.00
Beauty of the Birds – Blue Jay-QX7169 $60.00
Father Christmas- QX2566 $40.00
That’s What Christmas is About Charlie Brown-QFM3316 40.00
Mary’s Angels – Rose -QXC7012 $50.00
Ralphie Parker Saves the Day-QXI7577 $40.00
Ringing in Christmas-QXI4309 $40.
What Christmas is All About-QXI7639 $60.00
Belle and Chip – Limited Quantity- QXE3092 $50.00
Christmas Fun with Friends- QXC9004 $50.00
Father Christmas – Event -QXC9008 $180.00

Snap Happy Friend – Event Repaint-QXC8767 $60.00
Beauty of the Birds-ScarletTanager–Event Repaint-QXC8787 $350.00
Beauty of the Birds – Indigo Bunting- QXC8101 $170.00
Father Christmas Repaint-QXC1042 $30.00
Frosty Fun Decade -Event Repaint- QX9061 $40.00

Thank you. Betty
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 06/20/19 04:11 PM

All below are 2000 MIB:
Please see also more 2000 in Spring posting (5/24)

CLUB Barbie-1992 Happy Holiday Barbie $10
CLUB Ringing Reindeer $2
The Great Oz-Wizard of Oz $20
The Lullabye League $10
Millennium Express (magic) $20
Star Wars: Qui-Gon Jin $7
Star Wars: Imperial Stormtrooper $7
Race Down Main Street (Mitford Snowmen) $10
Max: Snowmen of Mitford $4
Signature Snowman $5
Star Trek: Borg Cube $12
Star Trek: Seven of Nine $7
Grandmother $4
Gingerbread Church $5
Time for Joy $10
Angels over Bethlehem (light) $8
Santa's Chair $6

I have MANY other ornaments & other years to choose from. Just let me know what you are looking for!

Email me @
Posted by: Stu

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 06/25/19 08:12 PM

Anyone in the Boise, Idaho area? We are having a garage sale this Saturday - June 29th. Over 1,000 halmark ornaments for sale. Most are New In Box. $1.00 each. Look for the ad in the Idaho Statesman this week.

------They all Sold-------
Posted by: Miern

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 07/16/19 05:42 PM

Happy Yule in July Y'all!
I am having a 50% off sale on ALL my ornaments. If anyone is interested, I will email/PM you a list of what I have left, about 191 regular sized Hallmarks and 101 minis. I do NOT take PayPal! Buyer pays shipping. If someone wants a list of my satisfied buyers, I will be happy to provide that to you. I sell on Facebook in three groups. 😊 Also would be interested in selling all of my ornaments to one buyer if anyone is interested. I have a price in mind but am negotiable on that. Some do not have boxes, may be have sl. repairs, have sl. box damage, in need of some repair, etc. That is indicated on the list. Some have even multiple ornaments in the box so that is even a greater bargain. I am just trying to rehome my treasures. Once these are gone, I am out of business. A huge thank you to all my great buyers! Thank you in advance to future buyers. 😊
Posted by: ornamentnut

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 07/28/19 11:11 AM

I have the following 2019 Ornament for Sale:

Up, Up and Away $45.00 + shipping

This is a sales sample / prototype which was given to me back in April 2019 during a Hallmark Local Event. Ornament comes packaged in white box and not a retail box. Box has some shelf wear.

Postage: USPS Priority Mail

Please email
Posted by: eeeelaine

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 07/30/19 11:34 AM

I have some Hallmark ornaments for sale and I do have many duplicates so if there is anything you are looking for, I could possibly have it. Feel free to ask. Pictures are available. Shipping included. Please email me as I do not check Yulelog daily.

1995 European Castle Teapot QK1129 Light shelf wear $10.00

1997 Santa’s Showboat QLX7465-lt wear & lt crease, small tear $20.00

2013 Holiday Pedestal Ceramic Cake Plate w/Snowflake Design $30.00

2004 Kids Countdown to Christmas Tree w/25 ornaments QKK3001 Very light wear, some light dents & dings - All still sealed in original plastic package. Never opened $68.00

2004 Sweeter By The Dozen QXM5274 mint w/slight wear, spots $17.00

2018 Winter Wonderland Skating Snowmen QXC5306 $21.00

2018 Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Disney QXC5324 $18.50

2018 Cupcake Cutie - Member Exclusive - mini QXC5311 $14.75

2017 Christmas Window 2017 - 15th in series QXC5015 $20.00

2014 Santa’s Grandfather Clock QXC5077 $12.00

2014 Teddy Bear Maker QXC5079 $13.99

2016 Gumball Santa mini Local Club Repaint QXC5164 $15.25

2017 Santa Claus - Member Exclusive QXC5023 $30.00
Posted by: ornamentnut

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 07/30/19 02:16 PM

I have the following for sale:

Geoff Greenleaf signed 2018 print $80 + shipping

I received a framed print signed from Geoff Greenleaf 2018 - Hallmark Card's master artist and illustrator.

The print is of a full Christmas scene which was partially depicted in a Christmas card.

The Hallmark Channel "Christmas in Evergreen" trilogy of holiday stories was also inspired by the art of Hallmark Cards’ artist and illustrator Geoff Greenleaf.

The inspiration of Evergreen, Vermont is based on Hallmark artist Geoff Greenleaf's Christmas illustrations.

Geoff & full print are captured in the following facebook video

The print is 8'' x 9 1/2 '' nicely framed in a 12'' X 14'' frame that has a easel to display on a table or a hook for wall display.
It is signed by the artist in the lower right - Geoff Greenleaf 2018

*** ITEM SOLD ***

Posted by: skrallen

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 08/10/19 02:31 PM

I have a large collection for sale featuring many ornaments from the early 70's-80's. Series and collector ornaments. I have photos at this Facebook site:

All prices appear on each photo. Photos can be seen in the "Album" tab There are 30+ folders in under that tab by year, subject matter, types among others.

Make me an offer.
Posted by: ornamentnut

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 08/10/19 06:39 PM

For sale Local Club Ornaments

2010 - So Cute in A Boot!
2011 - Festive Santa
2012 - Elegant Reindeer
2014 - A Merry Mailbox!
2015 - Cozy Birdhouse Camper
2016 - Gumball Santa
2017 - Sweet Li'l Santa

Each $2.99 + Shipping

Please email

Posted by: susan in florida

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 08/25/19 08:20 PM

Posted by: beaglebabes

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 08/28/19 10:38 AM

2010 Branching out in Style mib $10
2018 B line hummingbird mib $10
2018 Brilliant Butterflies mib $7
2011 A Year to Remember mib $5

Plus shipping
Checks or Money Order is fine. Just pm me.
Posted by: susan in florida

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 08/30/19 05:30 PM

Reduced PRICES on these Mint with NO BOX ornaments:

NO BOX ornaments. They are all in mint shape with no boxes I use care in packing and mailing. Postage is extra.

Fabric Stuffed Full stocking has no tag $3..., 1979 Fabric Angel Music- has no tag. $3. both are clean and bright or Take Both Fabric for $5.

1995 Mary's angel Camellia 8th $8.
1985 6th Carousel Santa and friends $5
1993 clip on water bed snooze $2.

1977 Betsey Clark Valentine lapel pin $2.50

email, or message. s k h m e l at aol. com
Posted by: ornamentnut

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 09/02/19 10:40 AM

For sale:

$2 + shipping

Hallmark Christmas Every Day: 18 Month Hallmark Keepsake Club Calendar

18 Month Calendar: July 2019 - December 2020
Measures approx 9 1/2" x 10 1/2" when open it measures approx. 19" X 10 1/2"

Will ship in poly mailing bag between cardboard pieces

Shipped with USPS

Please email
Posted by: susan in florida

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 09/06/19 09:59 PM

Merry Miniatures. Sorry I do not have pay pal. I do take checks or money orders. They will be mailed in a box. Postage $3.75

1985 2 piece heart shaped box with white teddy bear $4.75
1988 Koala with the Happy Valentine's day heart $5.00

1986 Boy bunny ( rubber like one) $4.
1983 small flocked bunny. $4.

Halloween 1991 Bear with pumpkin shaped cookie. $4.50

1976 Snowman with wreath -have 2 $3.75 each
1980 red sleigh $3.50
1981 red bird throwing snowball -has some yellow, $3.00
1985 reindeer fallen on ice skates $4.00
1985 gray horse on wheels $3.00
1986 Santa with tree, $4.50
1987 Santa with pack at feet ( have 2) $4.25
1987 polar bear with ice sculpture, $4.25
1988 KOC club white seal with the red ball on nose. $5.50
Posted by: Maxedwell

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 09/06/19 10:27 PM

I know this forum isn’t for buying or selling so I’m not trying to do either; nor am I listing anything for sale. But I could really use some advice.
I’ve been collecting Hallmark ornaments for 30 years or more and have quite a collection. Whenever I’d read of someone selling their collection I’d always think: How can they do such a thing? Now it is me.
We are downsizing and in our retirement are planning a move to a condo with no garage or attic. So now we will have no room for all of the ornaments. I’ll keep enough to decorate a small tree but the rest must go. My children don’t want them and I hate to just give them away. Some are very valuable, others not so much. Listing them separately on eBay would be very time consuming. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!
Posted by: susan in florida

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 09/06/19 11:33 PM

I answered on the discussion board. Wanted to add you are correct it is very time consuming to sell them. Prices are also down right now.
Posted by: APAL2016

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 09/15/19 07:47 AM

You won't get as much as you would by selling them individually yourself but you could find someone who would buy them as one big lot. There is a Hallmark Buy Sell Trade facebook page where you could post.
Posted by: susan in florida

Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Summer 2019) - 10/16/19 09:44 PM

'06 OZ Dorothy & Munchkins $22.,
'04 Santa - Russia $16.,
'08 2nd Santa sweet ride $13., '03 KOC faeries $16.,
'12 KOC sweet angel cake $12.
'18 john deer forage harvester $15.

'14 15th anniversary Limited toymaker Santa $24.,
'95 Flintstones Betty-Wilma $10.,
Friendly fiddler $18.,
'10 limited edition snow penguins $9.,
'93 14th frosty doghouse no price tag $12.,
'13 cookie cutter 2nd $14,
2012 1st cookie cutter $12.

1st 1988 Mary's angel- buttercup NO BOX $18.,
'17 Mary's 30th- honeysuckle $18.,
'11 Disney Our favorite Pixie $15.,
'10 Cupcake $12.,
'96 Airmail for santa $8.,
2014 Musical soldier Trumpet $6.
2018 Soldier cymbals $6.,

Miniature 2018 Up & away $4.
2018 Local club Teensy Nutcracker $4.

postage additional