Don't know if this is "on topic" or not, but
my son Mark took us all to Disneyland yesterday. AND to dinner at the Blue Bayhou!
The Christmas Shop was closed and I was told they were only open on the weekends, but they found somebody with a key and let me in. I bo't Tinkerbell on the bell, and the Cheshire cat on the bell. They had Woody and Buz on bell and ball but I like my Hallmarks better.
I also got the miniature Disney Heroines and
that got me to thinking - has anybody done Peter Pan, Captain Hook, or how about a lighted Pirate Ship? Wouldn't that look great on the tree!!! Hallmark could do a lighted ornament with a fade-in fade-out of the Cheshire Cat, how does that sound?! Well, I guess you can tell my Christmas juices are starting to flow again. I also bought the brass Cinderella Coach. I was bedazzeled.