I never thought of posting this here but I got the information on a Disney board I belong to. It's rather sad but keep on the look out for possible sales!
Disney hires Bear Stearns, Goldman to sell stores
Wednesday July 23, 3:48 pm ET

LOS ANGELES, July 23 (Reuters) - Walt Disney Co. (NYSE IS - News) has hired investment banks Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs to sell its chain of Disney Stores, a source in the media conglomerate said on Wednesday.

Disney has had casual talks with some potential buyers, but the two investment banks, hired in the last week, will spearhead the drive to transfer the money-losing division to a company which would pay Disney royalties, the source said.

Oriental Land Co., the Japanese company which is Disney's Tokyo theme-park partner, bought the Disney Store chain in Japan under a similar agreement in 2001.

Burbank, California-based Disney in May said it was looking to close some of the roughly 500 stores in North America and Europe and sell the rest.

Executives have not established a timeline for the sale, which comes during an era of increased competition and thinning margins for many major retailers.