I've already sold my 99 remaining shares but had one share certificate issued to keep and have framed to go with my Disney share. For some strange reason when my husband went to try to buy it for me for Christmas, OneShare.com no longer can sell in AL, weird, someone else could have bought for me with another billing address and they could ship to AL. Oh well, I certainly didn't let that stop me, so a quick phone call to VanGuard and I was able to have one share issued from my holdings of 100 shares. I told my husband I should have had ALL 100 shares issued in individual certificates to sell later but he didn't think they'd appreciate that, oh well.


At least now I can take my certificate and have it framed and matted to match my Disney certificate. Plus having a certificate issued from your own holdings is much, much cheaper than buying from OneShare.com . . . so IF anyone wants one BEFORE they are gone forever, you might contact your broker.

For me, it is more sentimental to have the certificates . . . but IF I live to see it reach highs like Standard Oil mentioned in the article, sentimental may just go out the window~!!! LOL