Whenever you quit YuleLog, it will ask if you want to save backup copies of your data. This is to prevent a loss of your data, if your main files are lost or corrupted. When you answer yes to this question, YuleLog will save special compacted copies of your three main data bases (your list of collectors, list of collections, and your ornaments) into three files. These files are saved to your hard drive, into the YuleLog2 folder. The YuleLog2 folder is located in the Program Files folder on Windows 95 - XP, and in the Documents folder on Windows Vista, or in the Applications folder on Macintosh. To be extra safe, you can copy these three files (they are named backup1, backup2, and backup3) to another hard drive or to a floppy disk, or to a USB Flash drive. These special files can only be read by the YuleLog program's Restore from Backup Data Files command. You can not open them by double clicking on them.

If at some point you need to recover your data from these backup files, install YuleLog, using your newest CD, as if it were a first time installation. When ever it asks, tell the installer that this is new installation. You can then use the backup files that were saved to your hard drive or copy the backup files from the floppy disk, or a USB Flash drive, or hard drive to the YuleLog2 folder which again should be in the Program Files folder on Windows 95 - XP, or the My Documents folder on Windows Vista, or Applications folder on a Mac. Start YuleLog, again answering the question as if this were a first time installation. Fill out the name and address form and then at the Licensed to screen, click on the Utilities button. Click on the Restore From Back Up Data Files button. This will read your data into the new copy of YuleLog and then you should be good to go.

NOTE TO VISTA USERS! YuleLog must be installed in the Documents folder on Vista Machines instead of the normal Program Files Folder. The 2007 version has been tweaked to deal with this better, so before installing on Vista, be sure you have the 2007 version. When you get to the screen that asks where you want to install, click on the Browse button. Select Users. Then Select your login directory (could be your name) It is whatever name you use to sign in to your computer. Select Documents. Click continue and this should install YuleLog in your Documents folder.