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#13652 - 06/14/02 11:00 AM Happy Flag Day! Here's a quiz...
Cathy_Tex Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 04/13/99
Posts: 6743
Loc: Houston TX
Our paper ran an interesting article on Flag Day, including this trivia quiz. Here it is, and I'll post their answers later...

Happy Flag Day, everyone!

1. What is Flag Day, anyway, and why do we celebrate it on June 14?

2. Why red, white and blue?

3. What's the biggest flag ever made?

4. And the tallest flagpole would be where?

5. When can you fly the flag?

6. True or false: A tattered flag represents the turmoil our country has survived.

7. Burning the flag became a flash-point of contention during the Vietnam War, when protesters burned it to show their disapproval of the war. Is it ever OK to burn a flag?

8. Lots of people fly the flag on patriotic holidays, but that wasn't always the case. When did it become more common for people to own flags?

9. At 225 years old, the U.S. flag has been around a while. What's the oldest national flag in the world?

10. What do you call a person who is a flag fancier?

Here are the answers:

1. The Founding Fathers proclaimed what the new nation's flag would look like on June 14, 1777. Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14 as Flag Day in 1916, but it didn't receive official Congressional designation until 1949.

2. Red for valor, white for purity, blue for perseverance and justice. The blue part is called the union.

3. The Humphreys Flag Co. of Philadelphia, PA, constructed a flag that was 505 feet by 255 feet in 1992. It weighs 1 1/2 tons & the fabric alone cost $30,000.

4. It's in front of the Pollock Motor Co. in Glasden, Ala., rising a whopping 242 feet high. Hoisting the 100 by by 60 foot flag requires a 5 horsepower motor.

5. Anytime, as long as you do it properly.

6. False. Flags should be cleaned and mended as necessary.

7. Yes. When a flag is no longer fit for display, the National Flag Foundation says it should be destroyed by burning it "in a dignified manner."

8. Civil War soldiers placed flags in their Bibles, but few people owned flags until after World War I.

9. Denmark's flag, adopted in 1219, is the oldest. The U.S. flag ranks fourth.

10. A vexillophile. Honest.

Cathy Metcalf - Houston, Texas
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[This message has been edited by Cathy_Tex (edited 06-14-2002).]
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#13653 - 06/17/02 09:51 AM Re: Happy Flag Day! Here's a quiz...
marywarning Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 05/01/99
Posts: 7302
Loc: Greer, S.C.
Okay, I didn't know ALL of the answers, just some of them.
When are you going to give the answers?

#13654 - 06/17/02 04:30 PM Re: Happy Flag Day! Here's a quiz...
Cathy_Tex Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 04/13/99
Posts: 6743
Loc: Houston TX
Mary, I was a bit sneaky, though I didn't plan to be, and I just edited my original post and added the answers to the bottom. They're still there - just scroll down.
Friends make the best collectibles!

#13655 - 06/17/02 05:02 PM Re: Happy Flag Day! Here's a quiz...
MSHMK Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 04/13/99
Posts: 4457
Loc: Oklahoma
Mary, I guess Cathy "fogot" to tell us that part.


[This message has been edited by MSHMK (edited 06-17-2002).]


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