I found the most beautiful Patriotic Santa the other day and since I had posted about my Patriotic Angel Tree Topper by Kurt Adler I thought I would mention this item too as other people on YuleLog also are working on a "patriotic theme". My Patriotic Display was in the "works" for a long time before 9-11, what with the 50 State Quarter ornaments & Lil Blown Stars (about 15 sets of them) and many other Keepsake America themed ornaments I've bought over the years. The Patriotic Santa I found is quite beautiful, has the Lynn Haney (sp?) look/feel/style . . . . . BUT the price was so very very reasonable in comparison, only $85.00, I was so surprised as I just knew it would be 250.00+. Mine is in layaway, which I don't usually do, but DH has been somewhat grumpy lately with my spending so I figured it might not be in my best interest to come home with Santa right now not to mention I temporarily misplaced a really big check and kinda forgot to deposit it for several weeks so things looked much worse than they were as I've really been behaving myself haha! It is made by Roman, same folks who do Fontanini Nativities & the Seraphim Angels. It is about 24-30" tall. Anyway, I have searched high and low on the internet for a photo to post, but thought I would mention to give a heads-up to anyone who might be interested to be on the lookout for him. I will post a picture of him when I finally bring him home!