Yesterday's mail brought a curious package - a large, long box. It came addressed to me and inside we my D23 club membership gifts for 2011!

Inside the box were:
An exclusive D23 watch, with a genuine leather wrist band

An exclusive D23 lenticular luggage tag for the D23 Expo this year!

The Spring 2011 issue of 23 magazine

This was a nice surprise, since I didn't know when they'd be mailing these out. I haven't worn a watch in years, since I use the clock on my cell phone for that if I'm away from home, but I'll be wearing this one, for those times I don't have my cell phone or can't use it (on airplane rides, doctor's visits, etc.).

Earlier in the week, I finally received the pin for the "Refer a Fan" promotion, from when I bought my hubby a silver membership (we only need 1 magazine in the house) back in July 2010, so we can both go to the Expo this year. I hadn't received the pin yet, so several months ago, I emailed the "contact us" people and only got back a canned reponse, saying the pin would be mailed 6-8 weeks after the membership was purchased and confirmed. Waited, nothing happened.

I wrote again, got the same response, so I thought I'd write an email to the D23 people from Facebook at their email address. I didn't realize that they post some of the questions they're asked on Facebook, so I was surprised to see mine show up!

Anyway, I got a response on Facebook, saying someone would be calling me that week. On that Friday, I received a call from a woman there, who told me they'd had a lot of problems receiving the pins for this promotion, they were working on it and she would email me Monday, to give me the tracking number, for when they send out my pin, so I could follow it on its way here.

Monday came and went with no email, but I did receive a very odd large and long box (about the same size as the gift box mentioned above) sitting on my doorstep when I happened to look out the window! It was addressed to me, but the return address wasn't one I knew, so I opened the large box, to find a ton of that brown butcher-type paper, then a white padded envelope that was blank on both sides! Inside the padded envelope was 2 large pieces of cardboard, taped together. Inside the cardboard was my "My Friend and Me are 23" pin!!

Needless to say, I didn't care that the email didn't come, it was much better to have the pin in my hand! I posted on Facebook, to tell them I'd received it and saying thanks to all who helped in getting this taken care of for me!

Did anyone else receive their club items or "Refer a Fan" pin?

Also, if anyone is thinking of purchasing a D23 membership, please let me know. I would appreciate it if you'd use my name as a referral.
Karen W2 - Paradise - San Diego, USA!

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