Once again, another great time was had by all, at the screening of "Absent-Minded Professor", held for D23 members at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank.

We checked in at the gate, parked, then went to check in at the theatre and receive our 2 "Fabulous and 50 Absent-Minded Professor" embroidered patches. Then we went to our usual seats in that wonderful start-of-the-art theatre.

D23 staffer Laura Sanchez introduced herself, to those who haven't met her yet (we've had the pleasure many times and she knows us by sight at this point), then introduced the 2 films we'd be watching. They looked thru the Disney archives and found an animated short that fit with the theme.

It was a 1944 Donald Duck cartoon, "The Plastics Inventor" (you can find it on "The Chronological Donald", Volume 2 of the Walt Disney Classics DVD set). In it, Donald listens to a radio program to learn how to make a full-sized airplane out of plastic, big enough to hold himself aloft in the skies! All systems seem to be "go", until a thunder storm starts and the plane begins melting away!

After Donald's drama, 1961's Absent-Minded Professor began. What a fun little film! It's full of performances of a lot those great character actors and actresses we've seen in various TV shows and movies over the years, and even includes one by Belle Montrose, the mother of comedian and host of the very first Tonite Show, Steve Allen. Other notables were "Mr. Drysdale" from the "Beverly Hillbillies" and "Detective Brennan" from "My Favorite Martian".

Here's some more trivia I found about the film: this movie has *3* generations of the famous acting Wynn family in it - Ed Wynn (Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins, etc.), Keenan Wynn (Ed's son with many TV & movies to his credit) and Ned Wynn (Keenan's son who is an actor, writer and producer now).

The movie includes the very first song written by the Sherman Brothers for Walt Disney - The Medfield Fight Song" and one of the greatest lines in the film was said by Fred MacMurray (Prof. Brainerd). When being questioned by the police, he pulls out his wallet and says, "I'm an American! See it? I have credit cards!" and he opens up his wallet, to show them a long line of credit cards falling out of it!

After the film, those who wanted could shop in the Studios stores, but we passed this time. We needed to check-into our hotel for the night, go to dinner and then go to watch our friends in another fun night of ComedySportz, the best improv in LA!

Spent the night at the Omni Hotel, near the Disney Concert Hall, then drove out to Pepperdine University in Malibu's California Center for the Arts, to see their exhibition of a group of Roy Lichtenstein's paintings, drawings, etc.

The school is an amazing looking campus - a beach with breaking waves on one side and rock outcroppings on the other. The Weisman Museum of Art hosting the exhibition is located next to the Smothers Theatre and had an intimate showing of the work, in 2 rooms downstairs and 1 room upstairs.

We finished up our time there and came back home, to drop off our luggage and rest a little while, before going out again, so I could preside over one of my Hallmark local club meetings.

What's next on our D23 schedule? That would be the D23 day of shopping at the cast member's only store, Mickey's of Glendale, Saturday, April 16 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. In addition to shopping, they'll also have signing and trading of Disney pins and Vinylmation. We'll be going for the shopping, since you never know what goodies you'll find there!

For more into, go here: http://d23.disney.go.com/articles/031111_NF_BN_MickeysOfGlendale.html
Karen W2 - Paradise - San Diego, USA!

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