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#214616 - 01/03/12 07:58 AM Post your For Sale posts here! (Jan)
Todd Ray Offline

Elf VP

Registered: 04/01/99
Posts: 2440
Loc: Southaven, MS
Post your For Sale posts here! (Jan)

Just click on the New Reply button and add a message! To eMail someone about a post. Click on their name, select View Profile, and look for their eMail address. If you want people to be able to contact you, make sure you go to My Stuff, select My Profile and enter a public eMail address. You can't add new topics here, you must use the New Reply button to add a new message.

Once you have sold an item, edit your post and mark the item SOLD! This helps to let people know that selling on the YuleLog boards works! It also saves time for both seller and buyer by letting everyone know an item is no longer available.

On the Buy/Sell/Trade boards, please limit the size of your messages to about 40 lines. Years of feedback from board readers indicates that they don't want to see long, long lists.

Don't add lots of blank lines by hitting return if your ad is small. Don't post your entire inventory! Just share a few of your best deals and offer to eMail your full list!

Don't place several small posts. Combine them into one post of 40 lines or less.

Don't post the same (or similar) ad every day. The posts stay on the board for several days, so you don't need to put it back up every day.

You can edit your messages! Don't post your message again, if you make a mistake, just click on the edit icon and fix your mistake!

Don't post about bad traders. While you may have truly run into a bad trader, many, many, times it is an honest mistake or a shipping delay. So to prevent mistakes and to avoid liability issues, I ask that you not put this type of information on the YuleLog Bulletin Boards. There are other resources available if you have been a victim of fraud.
Comfort and Joy!
Todd Ray - YuleLog Software - http://www.yulelog.com

#214627 - 01/03/12 10:37 AM Singing plush snowman [Re: Todd Ray]
susan in florida Offline
YuleLoggers Vice President
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 8164
Loc: Clearwater, Florida

Snowman and barking dog singing "Jingle Bells" still has tags. $26.

Snowman in tux playing piano that lights up. Plays 4 songs. $36.
take them both for $57.00. plus postage.

both have batteries and are clean and nice.


Edited by susan in florida (01/21/12 09:22 PM)

#214649 - 01/03/12 02:02 PM Re: Singing plush snowman [Re: susan in florida]
MicheleB Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 02/14/01
Posts: 1110
Loc: Monroe Township, NJ
The Joyful Collectors club of Burlington, NJ pin is based on the 2010 Hallmark ornament A Fishy Wish. The pin is approximately 1-1/2 inches in size. The cost is $5.00 per pin and $1.50 for shipping for the first pin and an additional $.20 for every pin after the first one. If interested in purchasing a pin, please email me at Joyful_Collectors@yahoo.com.


#214651 - 01/03/12 02:47 PM Re: Singing plush snowman [Re: MicheleB]
Ellen B Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 08/15/99
Posts: 1316
Loc: TN.
Before dealing with Ebay, I thought I'd see if my fellow Yuleloggers would be interested. I apologize for these not being in order:
1989 The Gift Bringers-St. Nicholas-#1 in series $2
1997 NH&S Cafe #14 signed $5
1998 Forever Friends Bear-Andrew Brownsword Collection $3 mimb
2001 Grandson $2
2010 Green Eggs & Ham-Dr. Seuss $12 mimb
2010 Jingle the Husky Pup $10 mimb
2006 Frosty Friends - Limited Quantity $15 mimb
2010 Ten Terrific Years-Limited Quantity-Special Edition $10 mimb
2010 Season's Treatings Repaint-Special Edition $10 mimb
2010 Season's Treatings $10
2000 Bringing Her Gift $3
2000 Frosty Friends #21 $4

Mini ornaments:
2003 A Sweet for Tweety $3 mimb
2004 Santa Wanna-be $4 mimb
1998 The Garden of Piglet and Pooh NB $2
1998 Tree Trimming Time (Winnie The Pooh) NB $2

Merry Miniatures:
1987 Boy and Girl Lamb- both have the gold $2.95 price sticker. both for $4
1987 Turkey- has the $3.25 gold price sticker $2

Every ITEM is in mint condition. MOST of the BOXES are mint. Some may have just a ding so I can't consider it mint. Email or call for complete details. I can take Paypal or personal checks. I only charge actual shipping cost. I do not charge for boxes, packing, tape, time, gas etc... Feel free to email with any questions. If interested in something, include zip code for shipping cost. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Edited by Ellen B (01/21/12 11:37 AM)
Edit Reason: deleted sold items

#214747 - 01/04/12 10:21 AM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Jan) [Re: Todd Ray]

PRICES HAVE BEEN EDITED!!! Hi I have several hallmark ornaments for sale in mint condition in box. i have a few boxes that may have a few dings here or there but the ornaments are in excellent shape.

1991 friends are fun-$5, 1993 faithful fire fighter-$5,
1992 elfin marionette-$10, 1991 santa's studio-$5,
1991 merry olde santa-$10, 1992 turtle dreams-$7,
1990 merry olde santa-$10, 1990 heart of christmas-$7,
1992 north pole firefighter-$7, 1993 dog's best friend-$5,
1993 tiny green thumbs-$12, 1993 bowling for zzz's-$7,
1994 fred and barney-$9, 1989 cactus cowboy-$5,
1993 perfect match-$5, 1994 1957 chevy bel air-$7,
1990 armful of joy-$5, 1992 garfield-$5,
1993 dunkin roo-$7, 1993 strange and wonderful love-$7,
1990 golf's my bag-$3, 1992 santa's club list-$5,
1993 bells are ringing-$20, 1993 merry olde santa-$10,
1992 sew, sew tiny-$10, 1993 howling good time-$5,
1991 arctic dome-$15, 1993 high top-purr-$7,
1994 cat naps-$5, 1993 it's in the mail-$5,
1991 polar classic-$7, 1991 dinoclaus-$7,
1993 warm and special friends-$5, 1990 club hollow-$5,
1991 kringle's bumper cars-$25, 1991 garfield-$7,
1992 merry olde santa-$10, 1991 hidden treasure-$10,
1993 peek a boo tree-$5, 1993 forty winks-$7,
1992 elvis-$5, 1993 fabulous decade-$3, 1990 fabulous decade-$3
1992 santa maria-$3, 1992 fabulouse decade-$3,
1992 rodney takes flight-$7, 1991 allstar-$5,
1990 gentle dreamers-$7, 1989 hark it's herald-$5,
1991 hooked on santa-$7, 1990 crown prince-$3,
1991 elfin engineer-$6, 1993 the kringles-$3,
1991 1957 corvette-$50, 1994 old english village-$5,
1992 please pause here-$5, 1991 claus&co railroad locomotive-$5
1992 shuttlecraft galileo-5, 1991 claus&co railroad giftcar-$5,
1992 golf's a ball-$2, 1991 claus&co railroad passenger car-$5,
1993 water bed snooze-$6, 1991 claus&co railroad caboose-$5,
1991 fabulous decade-$3, 1994 heart of christmas-$7,
1993 heart of christmas-$7, 1993 putt putt penguin-$7,
1993 1956 ford thunderbird-$15, 1992 1966 mustang-$20,
1992 heart of christmas-$7, 1992 snoopy and woodstock-$7
1991 heart of christmas-$7, 1993 old english village-$7,
1989 old english village-$7, 1990 greatest story-$3,
1991 greatest story-$3, 1992 greatest story-$3,
1994 reindeer pro-$4, 1994 big shot-$6,
1994 bright playful colors-$9, 1994 it's a strike-$7,
1993 bright shining castle-$9, 1991 bright, vibrant carols-$9,
1992 bright, blazing colors-$9, 1989 bright journey-$9,
1991 hark it's herald-$5, 1989 hark it's herald-$5,
1990 bright moving colors-$9, 1992 hark it's herald-$5,
1990 hark it's herald-$5, 1991 penguin pal-$5,
1990 christmas limited locomotive cast metal solid wood member's club-$15

sorry for these being out of order. need to sell them quickly because i am moving and just need to downsize my storage. thank you!

Edited by jaimebauer22 (01/05/12 11:00 AM)

#214761 - 01/04/12 11:23 AM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Jan) [Re: ]
Diana* Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 04/23/99
Posts: 12438
Loc: Pasadena, CA USA
Welcome to YuleLog Jaime -

Just thought I'd pass along a little bit of advice. We've discussed selling tactics before and the consensus was that most people will not negotiate, they like to see a price and if it's in their price range they'll contact the seller, and if not they move on to other listings.
Your prices are more of a "replacement value" from guide books than a "sell quickly" price tag to collectors. Sorry to bear bad news, but if you really want to sell quickly, you'll need to drop the prices quoted.
Try looking up these ornaments on ebay's advanced search where you can choose to see "completed auctions." That'll provide a list of ornaments at the prices where they actually sold to somebody (in green) and auctions that had no sales (sometimes buy-it-now shown in red). Hopefully you'll get a realistic selling price that way.

Good luck with your move. I recently moved and I don't want to do it again anytime soon.

#214838 - 01/05/12 11:01 AM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Jan) [Re: Diana*]

Thank you so much for the assistance. I went in and edited all my prices and I think these should be way more accurate. I went to ebay like you said and went a little cheaper on each one than what others had listed. Thanks again! \:\)

#214840 - 01/05/12 11:14 AM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (Jan) [Re: ]
Diana* Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 04/23/99
Posts: 12438
Loc: Pasadena, CA USA
Glad to help. Good luck with your sales and your move.

#214922 - 01/06/12 09:11 AM older glass balls [Re: Diana*]
susan in florida Offline
YuleLoggers Vice President
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 8164
Loc: Clearwater, Florida

1985 Betsey Clark 13th and final $ 4.00

1990 Betsey Clark 5th Home for Christmas $3.50- has dated written on box
1994 Betsey Clark Country Christmas 3rd $ 3.00. has dated written on box

1986 10 years together bell $ 2.00
1994 Joyous song $2.00
2005 Baby's First Christmas Winnie the Pooh $ 5.00
2007 Our first Christmas together glass snowflake $3.75

postage extra. susan

#214941 - 01/06/12 03:47 PM Re: older glass balls [Re: susan in florida]
irish78 Offline

Registered: 01/24/11
Posts: 81
Loc: Denver, CO
Have the Aloha Frosty and the Toymaker Frosty for sale. I am selling them for box price plus shipping.

Let me know!

#214956 - 01/06/12 07:43 PM Re: older glass balls [Re: irish78]
susan in florida Offline
YuleLoggers Vice President
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 8164
Loc: Clearwater, Florida
I have two of the 2011 LET IT SNOW special edition limited snowman. You had to buy ornaments in July and October get this snowman.

Take them both for $15.75. That includes the postage to mail.

Both are MINT in boxes.

#214958 - 01/06/12 08:48 PM Complete set of 13 LIGHTHOUSE Greetings [Re: Ellen B]
susan in florida Offline
YuleLoggers Vice President
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 8164
Loc: Clearwater, Florida
Complete set of 13 Lighthouse Greetings.. Some are in Canadian boxes. With English and French printed on the boxes.

1997 1st until 2009 13th and Final.

All Mint in boxes, except 10th the box has a small rip and indention on the box.

$225. That includes the postage to mail them. There is a bit of weight with all 13 in the boxes. They will be packed with care.
Smoke free- A great collection. susan

#214959 - 01/06/12 08:51 PM HALLMARK snowman at piano plush [Re: susan in florida]
susan in florida Offline
YuleLoggers Vice President
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 8164
Loc: Clearwater, Florida

Hallmark singing plush snowman in tux at piano. $40. includes postage.


#214985 - 01/07/12 03:21 AM Re: Carlton and HALLMARK snowman at piano plush [Re: susan in florida]
mariem2 Offline
Elf Manager

Registered: 08/10/11
Posts: 608
Pay with Paypal in U.S. funds. S&H costs are extra. Contact seller with your postal code for actual shipping costs by weight and zip code. Ornaments are NEW and have NOT been displayed, unless noted otherwise. Ornaments were taken out of boxes to take pictures as I don't know what most other people consider “shelf wear” condition. I have bought things online that were sold as MIMB but had tears on boxes and scratches on ornaments; so PLEASE ask to see pictures of boxes before you buy. Email me if you have any questions. Will combine shipping. Happy Browsing. \:\)

1994 Yuletide Central #1 (Shelf wear)
1995 Yuletide Central #2 (Shelf wear)
1997 Yuletide Central #4 Get all 3 for $10
1998 First Christmas Together $1
1998 WOZ Dorothy & Glinda the Good Witch (Shelf wear) $7
2000 Mary’s Angel Lighted Compliment to series (Slight crease on bottom of box/ ornament has been displayed) $20
2001 Frosty Friends #22 (shelf wear/slight crease on top flap of box) $4
2002 Pony For Christmas (#5/Repaint) $10 Sold
2002 WOZ Horse of a Different Color Magic (Shelf wear) $8 Sold
2003 100th Anniversary Edition Harley Davidson $30 Sold
2003 1929 Chevrolet Fire Engine (Fire Brigade #1) $5 Sold
2003 1929 Chevrolet Fire Engine (Fire Brigade #1/Repaint) $10 Sold
2003 Cool Decade (Repaint) $5
2003 Frosty Friends $4
2003 Santa’s Big Rig/Here Comes Santa $5
2003 The Decision Repaint (Slight scratch on side of box as shown in pic) $7
2003 Words of Love $5
2005 Poinsettia Fairy #1 in series $40 Sold
2008 Kringles’s Korner (Club Ornament/Christmas Window #6) $10
2008 Stanley T Starr (slight tear on top corner of box) $10 Sold

1998 QFM8263 Halloween Squirrel (Merry Miniature) $1
1999 WOZ The Tin Man’s Heart $3
2003 Bunny Skates (Maxine) $3
2003 Charming Hearts (Mini) $4
2003 Charming Hearts (Mini) (Repaint) $7

Carlton $2 Each
Diana Princess of Wales #1 Famous Women in History Series (Shelf wear)
First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy

Edited by mariem2 (01/26/12 10:58 PM)

#214988 - 01/07/12 07:25 AM Re: 2011 Hallmark Club/Limited/Miniature/Special [Re: Todd Ray]
Jack Offline
Elf Manager

Registered: 04/29/99
Posts: 528
Loc: Maryland
Sale Over

#215157 - 01/08/12 07:44 AM 2011 Hallmark Series Ornaments For Sale [Re: Todd Ray]
Jack Offline
Elf Manager

Registered: 04/29/99
Posts: 528
Loc: Maryland
Sale Over

#215395 - 01/10/12 12:43 PM $4.00 Sale [Re: Todd Ray]
Ginny Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 05/13/99
Posts: 7068
Just 3 items left unsold from December for sale list, and now with reduced prices:

$4.00 each*:

2010 miniature Local Club Ornament "So Cute in a Boot" special edition colorway/repaint
1998 Joe Cool #1 in Spotlight on SNOOPY series
2008 Puppy Love #19

or take all 3 for $10.00
* plus minimal shipping

Email to purchase: gerhar@swbell.net

Edited by Ginny (01/10/12 04:42 PM)

#215444 - 01/10/12 08:40 PM ornaments [Re: MicheleB]
susan in florida Offline
YuleLoggers Vice President
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 8164
Loc: Clearwater, Florida

#215510 - 01/11/12 03:32 PM Re: Dickens Village collection for sale [Re: Todd Ray]
george12 Offline
Elf in Training

Registered: 01/11/12
Posts: 4
Have very large collection to sell. Kids are gone and house is empty. no time to display. Collection has approximately 50 lighted bldgs in mint condition.(most retired, several limited ed. pieces). All pieces are in original boxes and with original packing materials. Collection also includes over 30 accessory pieces, also in original boxes and packing. Would prefer to sell collection as one unit. Glad to email a complete list upon request.

#215511 - 01/11/12 03:51 PM Several Popular Ornaments For Sale [Re: Todd Ray]
Ginny Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 05/13/99
Posts: 7068
2004 "Father Christmas", #1 in series - $24.00 (in box, along with memory card)
- have another, "non-mint" in box (missing dove) with mem. card - $5.00
2006 "Christmas Window" (Toy Shop) KOC membership exclusive - $17.00 mint in box
2010 "Oh, So Sweet!" #1 in the Christmas Cupcake Series - $14.00 - mint in box
2011 Peanuts "Happiness is a Warm Cookie - "box price": $14.95

*Prices plus shipping

Email to purchase and inquire about "take all 3, or more" purchases: gerhar@swbell.net

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