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#22719 - 06/11/02 09:38 AM Do you have the patience to help a beginner?
jersker1 Offline

Registered: 06/11/02
Posts: 36
Loc: Snellville, Ga,USA
I am brand new at this and have a few questions? I just ordered my KOCC membership pkg this weekend. I know the answers to the premier trivia game questions so far, but what do I do with them? Also, how do I find out if there are local clubs in my area? Thanks for any help or hints.

#22720 - 06/11/02 10:14 AM Re: Do you have the patience to help a beginner?
Beth@Hallmark Offline
Elf Manager

Registered: 10/01/99
Posts: 616
Loc: Hallmarkland
Well jersker1, you're on the right track! Joining the Club is always a great start to getting into the ornament collecting mode.

At Premiere, you'll receive a free gift just for being a Club member! Since you just joined, you'll need to take your membership card into your retailer and show it to them to receive your free gift. Members who have joined or renewed their membership prior to the beginning of May will receive a postcard that they will take in for their free gift.

At Premiere, there will be a trivia game going on. That's where the questions that have been posted here have come from. Simply fill out the entry form, answer the corrections correctly and wait to see if your name is drawn as a lucky winner.

Be sure to visit the KOCC members-only site on Hallmark.com to see the latest Club info. Beginning July 1, there will be lots of info on Premiere and that will help give you a bigger picture of what's going on at that very fun retail event.

As far as a local club, I'd be glad to let you know some that are in your area. Is Snellville, GA a suburb of a larger city? If you'd like to see a list of the local clubs in Georgia, you can call 1-800-523-5839 and one will be sent to you.

You can e-mail me (bwall1@hallmark.com) or I'd be glad to give you a call to discuss any more questions you have.

Thanks for your interest and I know you'll find lots of helpful folks here on Yulelog who will be glad to lend a hand in anyway they can. Yuleloggers are the greatest!

[This message has been edited by Beth@Hallmark (edited 06-11-2002).]

#22721 - 06/11/02 01:32 PM Re: Do you have the patience to help a beginner?
Loo-Ann Allen Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 04/11/00
Posts: 1292
Loc: Summerfield,Fl. U S.A
Welcome jersker1,
On July 13 is Keepsake Ornament Premiere at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores.
They give you a game paper to fill out and put in a box to win ornaments.
You can buy alot of the 2002 ornaments that day.

What big town is Snellville, Ga. by?
I know Jo's Hallmark in Roswell, Georgia has a club. He is also our sponsor for the YuleLoggers club an on line club. You can see how to get on it at the top page of this board.

Lot of people like to help each other on this board.


#22722 - 06/11/02 05:35 PM Re: Do you have the patience to help a beginner?
Loo-Ann Allen Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 04/11/00
Posts: 1292
Loc: Summerfield,Fl. U S.A
By the way Blaine is the man's name that own's Jo's Hallmark. Jo's Hallmark is on the net. Go to www.josonline.com he has pictures of all kinds of ornaments. He has pictures of spring ornaments, MM's, and all kind of things. He lets you know what is new.

One other place you may like to look at is the Party shop. www.thepartyshop.com
They have every Hallmark ornament ever made on display. It's in Warsaw, Indiana.
I have been to the Party shop two times and it's lots of fun.
I have also been to Jo's and Blaine and his Hallmark are very nice.

Why don't you come on the board and tell us about yourself and what kind of ornament you have and how you got started.


#22723 - 06/11/02 08:17 PM Re: Do you have the patience to help a beginner?
jersker1 Offline

Registered: 06/11/02
Posts: 36
Loc: Snellville, Ga,USA
Thanks Loo-Ann and Beth. Snellville is on the east side of metro Atlanta. You asked me to tell you a little about myself. My name is Kerry and my husband is Jerry. Therefore, the screen name Jer's Ker. We are in our late forties. I quit working about six years ago when my mother had a stroke. Now, taking care of my parents is my full time job. How many husbands would move in with their in-laws on the spur of the moment and stay this long to take care of them? That's my wonderful Jerry!! We got started collecting ornaments in 2000 when we happened into a Hallmark store and saw the Harley ornament for that year. Jerry and a close friend of ours are both big Harley fans. Last year, he got me a dream book and we began to really collect. You see, Jerry spoils me rotten! Saturdays are the only time we have to get out together, so it's a good thing Premier day is a Saturday. This is probably more than you wanted to know. Sorry if I got carried away. Thanks again. Kerry

#22724 - 06/11/02 08:32 PM Re: Do you have the patience to help a beginner?
lindafay Offline
Yahoo Groups Moderator
Santa's Helper

Registered: 03/01/02
Posts: 5315
Loc: Duncan, OK USA
Hi Kerry!

Welcome to Yulelog. I've been collecting for 15-20 years but just found out about Yuleloggers in February. I have been a member of the national club since 1991 but didn't have a local club anywhere close to join. That's why I was real excited to find out about the online club that you can join here. There are still new things I'm finding out. Be sure to get a Gold Crown card, too. You can earn points with it that can then be used to buy ornaments. Plus some special deals just for Gold Crown members. Good luck with your collecting.

#22725 - 06/11/02 11:00 PM Re: Do you have the patience to help a beginner?
decorlady Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 09/09/00
Posts: 1123
Loc: Brevard,NC
Hi, Kerry - I have been collecting or buying Hallmark since 1976 and am a charter member of the National Club and member of two local clubs and of course Yulelog. We just got a computer last year. I love collecting Hallmark and know you will too. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I come to some of the shows in Atlanta. I live in the little town of Brevard, NC (we don't have a Hallmark shop). Mary Lou

[This message has been edited by decorlady (edited 06-11-2002).]

#22726 - 06/12/02 08:59 AM Re: Do you have the patience to help a beginner?
Loo-Ann Allen Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 04/11/00
Posts: 1292
Loc: Summerfield,Fl. U S.A
Thanks for telling about yourselves. I enjoyed reading them.

Something you may like to go to next year is the Flamingo Fling in Tampa, Fl. On March 14th and 15th.
This is Clara Johnson Scroggins club that puts this on. Clara is author, lecturer, and ornament historian. Clara has writtne 7 editions of Hallmark ornaments a collector's guide. If you look in the new dream book on page 13 she gives her top 10 picks of new ornaments.
They have a dinner/auction on friday night. All the money goes to the Southeastern Guide Dogs Center.
I know this year's dinner was $30.00 but you get a goodie bag full of good things.
You have to make reservations for the dinner and reservations if you would like to go friday in the day time on a free guide dog center tour.
I went to the Fling hotel to get on a bus for the tour. We even had one of the guide dog's ride the bus with us. We had lots of fun. They gave us a box lunch. I even did the blindfold walk with one of the dogs.

Saturday they have a big secondary market at the hotel. Lots of people showing off new ornaments like Beth from Hallmark, Balden Brass, Cherry Designs, Harmany Kingdom, Fitz and Floyd, and lots more.
Artists this year from Hallmark were Ed Seale, (he should be back next year), and Patricia Andrews. Dean Griff and others.
You can bring your old ornaments to have the artists sign them.
You may find some old ornament you have been looking for.
They have raffle baskets and door prizes.
I think it was $5.00 to get into the market?

If you go on the net to http://flamingofling.org/index.html you can see what it was like this year. Keep going back in and they will put more on about next year's Fling.

I had so much fun and I did get to see some of the YuleLogger's.
We found a motel to stay at.
Hope to see you next year at the Fling in Tampa.



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