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#269662 - 10/07/14 10:48 AM Post your For Sale posts here! (October)
Sean Ray Offline

Elf Engineer - Toy Design

Registered: 10/19/11
Posts: 470
Loc: Oxford, MS
Post your For Sale posts here! (October)

Just click on the New Reply button and add a message! To email someone about a post, click on their name, select View Profile, and look for their eMail address. If you want people to be able to contact you, make sure you go to My Stuff, select My Profile and enter a public eMail address. You can't add new topics here, you must use the New Reply button to add a new message.

Once you have sold an item, edit your post and mark the item SOLD! This helps to let people know that selling on the YuleLog boards works! It also saves time for both seller and buyer by letting everyone know an item is no longer available.

On the Buy/Sell/Trade boards, please limit the size of your messages to about 40 lines. Years of feedback from board readers indicates that they don't want to see long, long lists.

Don't add lots of blank lines by hitting return if your ad is small. Don't post your entire inventory! Just share a few of your best deals and offer to eMail your full list!

Don't place several small posts. Combine them into one post of 40 lines or less.

Don't post the same (or similar) ad every day. The posts stay on the board for several days, so you don't need to put it back up every day.

You can edit your messages! Don't post your message again, if you make a mistake, just click on the edit icon and fix your mistake!

Don't post about bad traders. While you may have truly run into a bad trader, many, many, times it is an honest mistake or a shipping delay. So to prevent mistakes and to avoid liability issues, I ask that you not put this type of information on the YuleLog Bulletin Boards. There are other resources available if you have been a victim of fraud.

#269664 - 10/07/14 11:27 AM Event Pieces and Limited Editions [Re: Sean Ray]
Elliott the Elf Offline
Elf Manager

Registered: 06/09/08
Posts: 767
Loc: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
I have the following extras for sale:

2014 Winged Wonder Limited Edition Beauty of the Birds for $22.00. Includes Shipping. - SOLD

2014 Santas around the World France Santa. Slight crease at box top corners. I can send a photo by email of Santa and box if you are interested in the ornament. $22.00 includes shipping.

2014 Mrs. Claus Sink - Event Signing Piece. Signed by Ruth Donikowski and Terri Steiger. $80.00 includes shipping.

2012 Mrs. Claus Kitchen Stove and Kitchen Table Set. Stove signed by Tom Best, Debra Murray, Terri Steiger, & Ruth Donikowski. $225 for set includes shipping.

PM if interested or email me directly at tjmightymouse@aol.com.

Edited by Elliott the Elf (10/30/14 04:29 AM)
Edit Reason: Sale

#269667 - 10/07/14 12:39 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
CorvetteElaine Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 01/17/00
Posts: 2263
Loc: Ohio

Edited by CorvetteElaine (10/12/14 03:55 PM)

#269672 - 10/07/14 01:11 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
Judy Clark Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 05/01/99
Posts: 1044
Loc: Los Gatos, CA 95033
Hallmark for sale: These ornaments have never been used.
Complete set of A Charlie Brown Christmas set of 5 MIB $20.00
1998 A Pony for Christmas (1st) MIB $10.00
1998 Superman Lunch box MIB $5.00
1998 Santa's Deer Friend MIB $15.00
1998 Compact Skater MiB $5.00
1998 Signed WTP Bouncy Babysitter signed by Bob Siedler MIB $15.00
1998 Mistletoe Fairy MIB $10.00
1998 Journey to Bethlehem MIB $5.00
1998 Club Peanuts 2 piece set MIB $10.00
1998 The Stone Church (1st in a series) MIB $10.00
1998 M.A. Glorious Angel MIB $8.00
1998 M.A. Mop Top Wendy MIB $6.00
1998 Yuletide Central Caboose MIB $5.00
1999 Town & Country Tin Farmhouse MIB $10.00 (1st in the series)
shipping is extra whatever the actual cost is.
Thanks, judy

Edited by Judy Clark (10/07/14 01:12 PM)

#269673 - 10/07/14 01:47 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
Judy Clark Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 05/01/99
Posts: 1044
Loc: Los Gatos, CA 95033
Never used Hallmark for sale:
1993 Bright Shinning Castle Crayola MIB $6.00
1993 Looney Tunes Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote MIB $15.00
1993 WTP Owl MIB $5.00
1993 Julianne & Teddy MIB $10.00
1993 Frosty Friends (14th) MIB $10.00
1993 signed by Bob Siedler That's Entertainment MIB $10.00
1993 Look fr the Wonder MIB $5.00
1993 He is Born MIB $7.00
1993 Playful Santa (Coca Cola) MIB $10.00
1993 Merry Olde Santa (4th) MIB $6.00
1993 Humpty-Dumpty (1st) MIB $4.00
1999 Blown Glass 1955 Murray Ranch Wagon MIB $20.00
1999 Angel Song MIB $15.00
1999 Flame Fighting Friends (Mice) MIB $5.00
1999 David & Goliath (1st in the Favorite Bible Stories) MIB 10.00
1999 Howdy Doody Lunch box set MIB $10.00
1999 Club Snowy Day Peanuts MIB $20.00 set of 2 ornaments
1999 Rose Angel (Language of Flowers) 4th MIB $10.00
1999 Magic Darth Vader's TIE Fighter MIB $15.00
1999 Gift Bearers (1st) MIB $5.00
1999 Baby Mickey's Sweet Dreams MIB $8.00
1994 Murray Champion blue peddle car (1st) MIB $5.00
1994 Baby's First Christmas MIB (Porcelain & Brass) $5.00
1994 Sweet Greetings set of 2 ornaments MIB $5.00
1994 Cat Naps (1st) MIB $6.00
1994 Thrill a Minute MIB $5.00
1994 Fred & Barney MIB $5.00
1994 Tender Touches Eager for Christmas MIB $10.00
1994 Timon & Pumbaa MIB $10.00
Shipping is extra whatever the postoffice charges.
Thanks, Judy

#269697 - 10/07/14 10:24 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
MicheleB Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 02/14/01
Posts: 1114
Loc: Monroe Township, NJ
I have 3 extra green ones if anyone would like to purchase them for the box price and actual shipping cost or if someone has an extra gold one and would like to trade, that works too. Thanks.

#269743 - 10/08/14 03:21 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
steffinie Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 11/05/03
Posts: 1016
Loc: Elkhart, Indiana


#269837 - 10/09/14 10:12 AM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
cat lover Offline
Elf Engineer - Toy Design

Registered: 09/20/03
Posts: 276
Loc: Big state of Wyoming
I have a bunch of ornaments that I would like to sell for $2.00 each plus shipping:

1980 Ambassador Home Satin Ball NB
1981 Kitten MIP
1981 Dog MIP
1987 Snow Goose Box
1988 Little Jack Horner New in box
1989 Deer Disguise Box
1990 Friendship Kitten Box
1992 Holiday Wishes Box (kittens with wishbone)
1994 Grandpa Box (owls)
1996 Close Knit Friends Box (kittens in basket)
Arctic Penguin Box
1999 Daughter New (bear on wheels)
2001 Mom and Dad Box (Kittens in stocking)
2002 Our Christmas Together Box (seals in wood box)
2003 Our Family Photo Holder New (gingerbread house)
2003 Stuck on You New
2005 Triple Dippin New
2005 Feliz Navidad New
2006 Christmas Village Photo Holder New
2007 Loving Memory Locket Magic Box

A few $4.00 ornaments:

1984 Nostalgic Sled New
1996 Holiday Wishes 101 Dalmatians Box
1998 Purr-fect Little Deer New
2000 Millennium Time Capsule New
2001 Cool Sport New
2006 A Playful Pup New
2006 A Purring Friend New
2009 Fishin Buddies New
1993 Julianne and Teddy MIB
1994 Treetop Cottage MIB (2)
1994 Lucinda and Teddy MIB
1995 Beverly and Teddy MIB
1998 Treetop Choir MIB
2001 Creative Cutter MIB
2005 Light of Liberty MIB
2005 Leap of Love MIB (frogs with heart)
2005 Happy Little Snowman MIB
2008 Home Is Where the Pets Are MIB
2010 B. H. Bugg MIB
2011 A Sweet Treat MIB
1989 Loving Spoonful MIB light and motion
1993 Dogs Best Friend MIB magic
1995 Norman Rockwell Filling the Stockings BNT
1996 Airmail for Santa MIB club
1997 Teapot Party MIB
2002 Joyous Angel Memories of Christmas MIB
2003 Bearing the Colors MIB
2007 Inspi(red) MIB (clear red heart) (2)
2009 Feliz Navidad MIB magic

email wandakim626@gmail.com


I have a complete set of the 2006 Merry Bakers including Confections for sale for $125.00. They are new, mint in mint boxes, never removed. Shipping is extra.

Also have a set of Kiddie Car Classics which are new, mint in mint box. The set is complete with club ornaments except for the 2012 and 2013 ornaments. Asking $150.00. There are 19 ornaments.

Open to offers also!

#269856 - 10/09/14 01:54 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
FordCountryLinda Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 04/13/99
Posts: 2006
Loc: Michigan


Edited by FordCountryLinda (10/11/14 10:37 PM)
Edit Reason: Removed

#269948 - 10/10/14 10:44 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
susan in florida Online   content
YuleLoggers Vice President
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 8253
Loc: Clearwater, Florida
1991first STARSHIP from star trek. Ornament is mint and works. Box is not minty mint but is in great condition. $69. That includes the postage to mail in U.S..

#269968 - 10/11/14 12:47 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
Judy Clark Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 05/01/99
Posts: 1044
Loc: Los Gatos, CA 95033
Merry Miniatures $1.00 each
1995 Santa
1994 Snowman
1993 Baby Walrus
1993 Eskimo Santa
1993 Whale
1992 Crab
1992 Goldfish
1992 Mouse in Car
1992 Octopus
1992 Nina
1992 Pinta
1992 Santa Maria
1989 Mr. Claus
1989 Mrs.Claus
1987 Leprecon Mouse
shipping is extra whatever actual shipping is.

#270042 - 10/12/14 06:40 PM SELLING HALLMARK [Re: Sean Ray]
KM131 Offline

Registered: 10/04/99
Posts: 85
Loc: Wheaton, ILLINOIS, U.S.A.
1985 The Spirit of Christmas Is Love QX3715-D N
1986 Santa and His Reindeer QXO4406 N
1987 House on Main St. QX4839 N Nostalgic Houses and Shops #4
1988 Hall Bro's Card Shop QX4014 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #5
1989 U.S. Post Office QX4582 N Nastalgic Houses and Shops #6
1991 Fire Station QX4139 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #8
1991 Santa's Antique Car QX4349 Y Here Comes Santa
1991 Sparkling Angel QLX7157 Y does not work
1992 Five-and-Ten-Cent Store QX4254 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #9
1992 Lighting The Way QLX7231 Y
1993 Cozy Home QX4175 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #10
1993 Cozy Home QX4175 N Nostalgic Houses and Shops #10
1994 Busy Batter QX5876 Y
1994 Happy Birthday Jesus QX5423 N
1994 Neighborhood Drugstore QX5286 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #11
1995 Merry RV QX6027 Y
1995 Town Church QX5159 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #12
1995 Town Church QX5159 N Nostalgic Houses and Shops #12
1996 Treasured Memories QLX7384 N
1996 Victorian Painted Lady QX5671 N Nostalgic Houses and Shops #13
1997 Cafe QX6245 Y Nostalgic Hosues and Shops #14
1997 Candy Car - Noel R.R. - miniature - #9 in series QXM4175 Y
1997 LaDene Angel QLX7435 N
1997 Scarlett O'Hara QX6125 Y Gone With The Wind
1998 Christmas Eve Story QX6873 N
1998 Grocery Store QX6266 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #15
1998 Heavenly Melody QX6576 Y
1998 Polar Bowler QX6746 N
1998 St. Nocholas Circle QXI7556 Y
1998 Tree-Trimmin' Time QXD4236 Y Winnie the Pooh
1999 1937 Steelcraft Airflow by Murray - miniature - #2 in series QXM4477 Y
1999 1955 Murray Tractor and Trailer - miniature - #5 in series QXM4479 Y
1999 Antique Tractors - miniiature - #3 in series QXM4567 Y
1999 Bowling's A Ball QX6577 Y
1999 House on Holly Lane QX6349 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #16
1999 Red Barn QX6947 Y
1999 Rhett Butler QX6467 Y Goen With The Wind
1999 Scarlett O'Hara QX6397 Y Gone With The Wind
1999 Trusty Reinideer - miniature QXM4617 Y
2000 1935 Steelcraft by Murray - miniature - #3 in series QXM5951 Y
2000 1938 Garton Zephyr - club ornament QXC4501 N
2000 1968 DEORA - Hot Wheels QXI6891 Y slightly torn box
2000 Bait Shop With Boat QX6631 Y
2000 Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber QXI4334 Y
2000 Charlie Brown QRP4191 Y A Snoopy Christmas #2
2000 Cool Decade #1 QX6764 N Cool Decade
2000 Frosty Friends - 21 in series QX6601 N
2000 Jingle Bell Kringle-2000 Membership Ornament QXC4481 Y
2000 Lighthouse Greetings - #4 in series QLX7344 Y price tab removed
2000 Linus QRP4204 Y A Snoopy Christmas #4
2000 Lucy QRP4174 Y A Snoopy Christmas #3
2000 Rhett Butler QX6674 N Gone With The Wind
2000 Ringing Reindeer - 2000 membership ornament QXC4484 Y
2000 Scarlett O'Hara - #4 - green drapes dress QX6671 Y no bubble wrap
2000 Scarlett O'Hara #4 QX6671 N Gone With The Wind
2000 Schoolhouse QX6591 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #17
2000 Snoopy QRP4184 Y A Snoopy Christmas #5
2000 The Good Book QX8254 Y
2000 The Tin Man's Heart - miniature - #2 in series QXM5981 Y
2000 Woodstock on Dog House (part of A Snoopy Christmas) QRP4211 Y A Snoopy Christmas #1
2001 1958 Custom Corvette (2001 Club Edition) QXC4505 Y
2001 American Goldfinch - Spring Is in the Air QEO8535 Y
2001 Coca-Cola Santa Musical Snow Globe PR2377 Y
2001 Curius the Elf PR2318-S N
2001 Ready For Delivery - Collector's Club QXC4552 Y slightly dented box
2001 Santa Clause Marionette - 2001 Club Edition Ornament QXC4525 Y
2001 Santa's Sleigh-w/sack of toys QX8872 Y
2001 Scarlett O'Hara (porcelein) QX2885 N Gone With The Wind
2001 Service Station QX8045 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #18
2001 Vitameatavegamin - Lucy QX6862 N I Love Lucy
2002 1961 Barbie Travel Pal QX8293 Y Barbie
2002 Circus Mountain Railroad QLX7686 Y
2002 Clara's Hallmark Store QXC4583 Y
2002 Curius the Elf-Keepsake Club gift-2002 QXC4623 Y
2002 Five Tiny Favorites - miniature QXM4566 Y
2002 Gingerbread Cottage QLX7683 Y
2002 Juice Machine and Revvin' Heaven QX8236 Y slightly dented box
2002 Kris and the Kringles QX8173 Y Kris and the Kringle #2
2002 Santa's Big Night - 4 pc. set QXC2002 Y
2002 Santa's Workshop Lunchbox-2002 Club Edition Orn. QXC4586 Y
2002 Snowman QXC4613 Y
2002 Stargazer Shepherd QX2836 Y
2003 Kris and the Kringles QX7439 Y
2003 Scarlett O'Hara QXI8307 Y Gone With The Wind
2004 Majestic Lion - #1 in Carousel Ride series QX8464 Y dented/worn box
2004 Scarlett O'Hara - Bride QXI4031 N Gone With The Wind
2004 Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler QXI4034 Y Gone With The Wind
2005 I.C. Pete's Frozen Treats QLX7595 Y
2005 Mailbox Melodies QLX7632 Y
2005 O Kitchen Rack QXG4282 Y
2005 Scarlett O'Hara (no box-only plastic shell protector) QXI6002 N Gone With The Wind
2006 A Puppy For Christmas QXG2806 Y
2006 Corner Bank QX2576 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #23
2006 Hello, Ricky QXI6366 Y I Love Lucy
2006 Jewelry Box Castle QX2546 Y Treasures and Dreams
2006 Lionel Union Pacific Veranda Stockcar QXI6176 Y
2006 Lionel Union Pacific Veranda Tender QXI6173 Y
2006 Lionel Union Pacific Veranda Turbine Locomotive-#11/series QX2323 Y
2006 Lucy and the Wardrobe QXD8393 Y Narnia
2006 MegaRocketron 3000 QLX7583 Y
2006 Merry Kitchen Magic QXG2623 Y
2006 Oh, What A Grill QXG2443 Y
2006 Snow Fort Fun QXG2803 Y
2006 St. Nick PR3945 Y
2006 Sweet Shop QX2456 Y Noelville #1
2006 Teddy Bear Band QLX7603 Y
2006 The Magic of Glinda QXM2043 Y Wizard of Oz
2006 The Perfect Evening Out - Barbie Ornament Set & Dsiplay QXM4483 Y
2007 Candy Cane Lane QXG7557 Y slightly dented box, price tab removed
2007 Chocolate Moose QXG7017 Y
2007 Decorating Snow Lady QXC7003 Y
2007 Here's The Scoop (Snowball & Tuxedo #4) QX7139 Y
2007 Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid) QXD4289 Y Disney
2007 Rhett Butler and Bonnie Blue QXI4409 Y Gone With The Wind
2008 Deck The House! (Mickey and Pluto) QXD4071 Y slightly dented box
2008 Doggy in the Window QXG6164 Y
2008 Don's Nursery QX7101 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #25
2008 Play Family Farm QXI2131 Y
2008 Scarlett O'Hara QXI4134 Y Gone With The Wind
2008 Scarlett O'Hara and Ashley Wilkes QXI4141 Y Gone With The Wind
2008 Stanley T. Starr QXC8003 Y
2008 Sweet Treat Elf LPR3391 Y
2009 Keepsake Korners Police Station QX8402 Y Nostalgic Houses and Shops #26
2009 Santa's Jolly Workshop QXG6035 Y
2010 Scarlett O'Hara QXI2086 Y Gone With The Wind
2011 A Sweet Treat LPR3405 Y
2011 Hide and Peek QXC5022 Y
2011 Santa Comes To Town QXG4127 Y
2011 Snow Buddies QX8799 Y Snow Buddies #14
2013 Jolly Jukebox QRG1772 Y magic cord
2013 Countdown To Christmas QXG1512 Y

Thank you for reading this list. If you have any questions, please, ask. I am requesting fair offers for each item. I will combine shipping ($6.00 for the first ornament and $2.00 for each additional ornament. Remember a "Y" means there is the original box, an "N" means there is no box. Thank you!

#270089 - 10/13/14 02:20 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
DenfromMinny Offline
Elf in Training

Registered: 08/11/13
Posts: 8
SELLING: All items below at $4.50 each. MIB items. We have more than ONE of each listing. Shipping extra, will negotiate. Contact us at: theornamentguys@gmail.com
1989 Joyful Trio QX4372
1983 Love QX3057
1986 Walnut Shell Rider QX4196
1983 Snowflake QX3019
1987 Spots 'n Stripes QX4529
1989 George Washington Bicentennial QX3862
1985 Stardust Angel QX4752
1980 Joy (Colors of Christmas) QX3501
1986 Ski Tripper QX4206
1988 Little Jack Horner QX4081
1987 Holiday Greetings QX3757
1988 Winter Fun QX4781
1988 Very Strawbeary QX4091
1987 Happy Holidata QX4717
1989 Owliday Greetings QX4365
1989 Loving Spoonful QLX7262
1988 Squeaky Clean QX4754
1988 Slipper Spaniel QX4724
1985 Engineering Mouse QX4735
1985 Merry Mouse QX4032
1989 Bear-i-Tone QX4542
1987 Wee Chimney Sweep QX4519
1989 Nutshell Workshop QX4872
1983 Teacher QX3049
1989 Rodney Reindeer QX4072
1990 Three Little Piggies QX4996
1990 Copy of Cheer QX4486
1989 Spencer Sparrow, Esq. QX4312
1987 25 Years Together QX4439
1990 Poolside Walrus QX4986
1981 Marty Links QX8082
1980 Joan Walsh Anglund QX2174
1983 Ball Ornament 1983 QX2209
1988 The Town Crier QX4734
1989 Balancing Elf QX4895
1986 Jolly Hiker QX4832
1988 Polar Bowler QX4784
1986 Tipping the Scales QX4186

#270154 - 10/14/14 04:48 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
vais4lovers Offline

Registered: 11/30/11
Posts: 97
2014 Register to win Puppy Love, best offer or trade

#270160 - 10/14/14 08:22 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
susan in florida Online   content
YuleLoggers Vice President
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 8253
Loc: Clearwater, Florida
2000 Koc membership kit, mint original box with 3 mint ornaments: jingle bell kringles, ringing reindeer and a friend chimes in $19.00. That includes postage to mail.

2000 Mitford set of 4 Race down main street $19.00
That includes the postage.mint in mint box

Following mint in boxes. Postage additional
2000 Santa's chair $6.00
2000 4th sky's the limit silver spirit of st. Louis $22.
2000 lionel General steam $16.
2000 millennium express magic- train light, motion $36
2000 the good book $6.
2000 millennium time capsule $6.
2000 toy shop serenaded birds of a feather ,Santa $9.
2000 Felix Navidad $6.
2000 our lady of Guadalupe $6.
2000 snow girl with Christmas tree $6.

2001Milford snowman jubile set of 4 $16.00
2001 cozy teapot $6.00

Edited by susan in florida (10/14/14 08:24 PM)

#270168 - 10/14/14 09:39 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
SandyT Offline
Elf Manager

Registered: 02/27/00
Posts: 572
Loc: Uniontown PA USA
For Sale ---
Hallmark Miniature Gumdrop Unofficial Series

2009 thru 2014 - Set of Six - only selling as a set:

2009 Good Gumdrops Penguin
2010 A Beary Cool Treat
2011 Sweet Li'l Snowman
2012 Deer-ly Loved Cookie
2013 One Sweet Gingerbread Boy
2014 Happy Little Elf

Mint in Box, price tags attached -
smoke free, pet free home
50.00 for all six, shipping 5.00 for set.
Please e-mail with any questions to jonsan@hughes.net

My feedback on ebay is 100% under goodbuysandy50.
Thank you for your interest!

#270204 - 10/15/14 04:58 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
Judy Clark Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 05/01/99
Posts: 1044
Loc: Los Gatos, CA 95033
Hallmark all MIB
1995 Fabulous Decade #6 Otter $3.00
1995 Turn of the Century Fireman #1 $5.00
1996 Celebration of Angels #2 black angel $5.00
1996 The Magi Bells Balthasar, Melchior, and Gaspar $5.00 each
1996 Baby's First Christmas Beatrice Potter rabbits $5.00
1996 Cat Naps #3 $5.00
1996 Fabulous Decade #7 Fox $3.00
1996 Glad Tiddings Angel $10.00
1996 Jolly Wolly Ark $5.00
1996 Kiddie Car Classics airplane #3 $10.00
1996 Madame Alexander Cinderella #1 $5.00
1996 Merry Olde Santa #7 great for 4th of July $7.00
1996 Language of Flowers Pansy Angel #1 $9.00
1996 Pressed Tin Woodland Santa $5.00
1996 Prayer for Peace $2.00
1996 Hershey's Time for a Treat $5.00
1996 Turn of the Century Parade Uncle Sam #2 $5.00
1996 Winnie the Pooh & Piglet $5.00
1997 Cat Naps #4 $5.00
1997 Celebration of Angels #3 Kwanzaa black angel $5.00
1997 Fabulous Decade Hedgehog #8 $3.00
1997 Hallmark Archives Series Donald Duck #1 12.00
1997 Kiddie Car Classics Murray Dump Truck #4 $12.00
1997 Language of Flowers Snowdrop Angel #2 $9.00
1997 Madame Alexander Little Red Riding Hood #2 $12.00
1997 Swing-time Spring collection $3.00
1999 Fabulous Decade #10 Cat $6.00
1999 Puppy Love shepherd $5.00
1999 Snoopy series #2 Famous Flying Ace 9.00
2000 Millennium Snowman and Millennium Snowma'am $4.00 each
shipping is extra whatever the post office charges.

#270210 - 10/15/14 06:15 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
Judy Clark Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 05/01/99
Posts: 1044
Loc: Los Gatos, CA 95033
Hallmark all MIB
1997 Magestic Wilderness Snowshoe Rabbits in Winter $5.00
1996 Lionel train #1 $25.00 have 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for $20.00 each
1997 Classic American Cars 1969 Hurst Oldsmobile 442 $8.00
1997 Murray 1937 Steelcraft Airflow club edition $15.00
1997 The Lone Ranger Lunch box $5.00
1997 Bandleader Mickey #1 Mickey's Holiday Parade $10.00
1997 Sky's the Limit The Flight of the Kitty Hawk #1 $12.00'1997 Santa's Magical Sleigh $12.00
1997 Artists on Tour Exclusive First Class Thank You (red bird carrying an envelope $15.00
1997 Mother Goose Little Boy Blue $3.00
1997 Madame Alexander Little Red Riding Hood #2 14.00
1997 Victorian Christmas porcelain by Thomas Kinkade $4.00
1997 Winnie the Pooh Waitin' on Santa $4.00
1997 Disney's Cinderella Enchanted Memories #1 $15.00
1997 Lion & Lamb $5.00
1997 Nikki All God's Children #2 by Martha Root $5.00 have #1 too

#270243 - 10/17/14 02:55 AM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
beaglebabes Offline
YuleLoggers Club Co-coordinator
Santa's Helper

Registered: 03/19/14
Posts: 2738
Loc: WI
#1 Icicle (snowman) autographed by Nello Williams $15 plus shipping

#270252 - 10/17/14 01:26 PM Re: Post your For Sale posts here! (October) [Re: Sean Ray]
cwacollectibles Offline

Registered: 09/06/06
Posts: 28
Loc: Oklahoma
Hi everyone!
I will be at the SPRINGFIELD, MO secondary market show tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 18th) with the following:

800 + Hallmark ornaments
600+ Hallmark Miniature ornaments
1000+ Merry Miniatures
Hallmark Event ornaments and display pieces
Hallmark Lapel pins
ENESCO ornaments
Precious Moments
Hallmark KIDDIE CAR Classics die-cast cars and trucks
Hallmark Great American Railways - die-cast trains
Everything is priced cheap and all must go! Please come and see us!

Address is:
Lamplighter Inn at 2830 North Glenstone and I-44 Springfield, Missouri 9:00 to 3:00pm - Tomorrow- Saturday only!

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