I have some extra memberships that I won't be using to order the Barbie 2002 or "The Family Room." If you would like to have me order these for you (or if you want to order them using my membership number), please EMail me.

I have two Barbies available and four of "The Family Room."

I guess I could always use these as an investment opportunity and buy some to sell later on eBay, but I'd rather do it this way.
Speaking of eBay, I found a card at my favorite Hallmark store that I bought for a friend's birthday. My friend found someone through eBay that has clothes her size and taste, so we talk about her eBay sweaters. Her name is Pam, so when I found the card (I think it's a Shoebox card) that said that Pam is thrilled with her latest purchase from eBoy (the woman is seen with a guy who's built like a football player and sports a patch that says eBoy) I knew I had to buy it for her.