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#327337 - 04/01/19 10:41 AM Favorites? Who has favorites yet?
luckdragon Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 12/26/05
Posts: 8490
Loc: Greensboro, NC
These are some of my favorites (by categories) and opinions at the end:

Snowtop Lodge
Making Memories
Family Game Night
Father Christmas's Reindeer (complement)
Christmas Carousel
That's Snow Sweet (complement)

Overall, I'm underwhelmed with my series this year. They're nice but I think last year was a better year for me, in terms of series.

Music Box Record Player
Connect 4
Tinkertoy Tree
Pull String Horse

Very pleased with the toys offering. There are more I'm getting as well. Love the Tinkertoy Tree!

The Lion King 25th Anniversary
A Beautiful Night
Bing Bong Saves the Day
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
Woody and Bo Peep
Belle and Beast
Mickey Mouse Record Player
Good Scouts
Stocking Stuffers

The Bonjour! ornament is amazing! Thank you for thinking outside the box.

Mini Fisher-Price Lil' School House
Kiss-mas Greetings
Pretty Penguin
Chasing His Tail
Pint-Sized Piano
Tick Tock Twirlers

Not as good as last year's minis.

Licensed (other)
Fly On Snoopy
Sesame Street 50th
A Holly Jolly Christmas
A Kitty for Christmas
Clark's Cup of Christmas Cheer
Christopher Reeve as Superman
Ralphie Gets a Gift (it's been YEARS since I've bought one of these)

Looney Tunes stepped up their game. Very happy with the licensed ornaments overall.

Bake Up Some Yum
Sew, Sew Happy (my surprise for the ornaments)
Nifty Fifties
Luck O' the Irish

Overall, a lot of nice ornaments. Pleasantly surprised with many, disappointed in a few. Disney was the most hit or miss. Many, I was excited about, then I would see these reworked sculpts and colorways, and it dampens the mood. I do not understand why the teacup was done like that. They should have put Donald and Daisy inside of it. It comes off as lazy.

Way too many premium ornaments. They bomb every year in my area.

Ouch! The BoB Heron is a December release? Better get that one on the wish list.

Everything seems really expensive to me. Not that the prices went up (only a few did), it's that they added more to the higher-end categories. All of those tabletops? Too many. None of them appeal to me except the cupcake display. The Christmas Cupcakes series will look adorable on it. I can already see the possibilities with customizing it with ribbon weaving through the cutouts. I would rather take the minis off and put them on the other Season's Treatings trees and replace them with ribbon to make it just the cupcake tree instead of competing for attention. The miniature ornaments alone make this a bargain, to be frank.

I do wish the Moose Mug was a glass premium. All of those premiums, and no one thought, "let's make the moose mug glass?" Really?

And I'm going to need Hallmark to do Christmas-themed Sesame Street ornaments instead of just plain ones. Cookie Monster could have had Christmas cookies, for instance. I also want Sesame Street Storytellers where they are caroling (think the penguins and Mickey sets). I want one of the songs to be "Keep Christmas With You."

lol at the Snow Buddies Surprise. Heck no. For the price, they should have been power cord and did a light show. Great for those that want them, but there are plenty of ornaments I would rather spend the $75 on.

Is Julie Andrews refusing for her likeness to be used? Disney Store did a cartoony Mary Poppins too, but I like their style better than this one. Disappointed.

Forky better be very redeeming in that movie and evoke some feels. To get an ornament before several other characters irks me (kind of like how the Star Wars series like to infuriate me. A Scout Trooper got an ornament BEFORE Boba Fett in that series. Let that sink in). Zurg. Where is Zurg?

#327338 - 04/01/19 10:59 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
DeniseC Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 02/16/08
Posts: 1060
Loc: Sequim, Washington
I like some of the series that I collect. Some I will wait on until after Christmas and a few I will pass on completely.

These I will definitely buy:
Frosty Friends #40
Snow Buddies
Snowball and Tuxedo
Sleddin' Shenanigans
Pony for Christmas
Holiday Lighthouse
Cookie Cutter
Winter Fun with Snoopy
Mini Petite Penguin
Mini Frosty
Mini World Within
Mini Carousel
Forever by My Side
Mini Pretty Penguin

There are 7 I will look for after Christmas.

The most expensive ornament is the Holiday Lighthouse at $24.99. I am trying to cut back. I have decided that I don't [/b] need[b] every ornament in a series. We will see how strong my will power is grin


#327339 - 04/01/19 11:24 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
luckdragon Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 12/26/05
Posts: 8490
Loc: Greensboro, NC
Some series, I do dabble in (like Toymaker Santa...which is baffling to me this year. Really cute, but I don't understand the concept. As a kid, it would have been puzzling to receive a clock for Christmas).

And while I don't collect Madame Alexander, I do love that ornament and will need to get it. I never got the original Madame Alexander Clara. Her bow in the back is a bit too big, but I love that the nutcracker is an ornament. And the head tilt is cute. You would think I would buy these for the toy tree. But nope. I only have a few I've found in after Christmas sales.

#327340 - 04/01/19 11:25 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
happytocollect Offline
Elf Engineer - Toy Design

Registered: 01/09/11
Posts: 307
Loc: ID
If I had to pick just one, I think I would pick "Good Scout". Donald and his nephews are adorable. I hope in person they just as good or better.

I agree with Luckdragon, I was disappointed to see repeated ornaments. They do not designate them as "repaints", but in essence that is what they are. The Lion King is slightly different than the previous edition, and I do like this one better than the previous, but is it worth adding?????

I like the additional Table Top items, but I am running out of room to add anymore Table Tops.
I really like the new concept of the 4ft tree, but then not sure I can justify spending $249 on a 4ft tree.
In my opinion, I think Hallmark has over done this year for large ticket items. After all, this is a "convention year", and the additional costs of attending convention on top of the numerous large ticket items maybe a stretch.
2018, I purchased everything I wanted without trying to wait until after Christmas. I knew I would not be in town for after Christmas sales, and did not want to risk missing something. This year I maybe waiting for quite a few for sales.

#327342 - 04/01/19 03:07 PM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
VinceL Offline
Elf Engineer - Toy Design

Registered: 06/19/16
Posts: 138
Loc: North Carolina
Questions and Observations

I like light, sound, and motion, so the majority of ornaments that I buy are magic ornaments.

I have a few questions about some of 2019 magic ornaments.
1. The 3 Star Wars Storytellers (X-Wing, Death Star, and Darth Vader TIE fighter) that were offered in 2017 are offered again for 2019. But, the catalog numbers for this year are different than the catalog numbers from 2017. But, the 2018 ornaments (Millennium Falcon and TIE fighter) and the 2016 Death Star tree topper are offered in 2019 with the same catalog numbers as the originals. Am I reading too much into this? Have they made changes to the original 3 ornaments?
2. I have the original Star Trek Transporter ornament from 2006. After looking at the video of the 2019 tabletop version, I don't think it is as good as the 2006 ornament. Perhaps the video doesn't do it justice. This is something I will want to see in store.
3. The Hallmark website shows a picture of the Star Galaxy Black Wreath with all of the Star Wars Storytellers on it. I think it would be great if the wreath had a (black) Keepsake Power Cord built in to it. The description doesn't mention this. Also, it doesn't look like any of the LED lights on the wreath blink. My Star Wars tree has only white LED lights on it, but some of them blink, and the tree stand rotates to give the appearance of twinkling stars.

I can't see spending $249 on the Sound-A-Light tree. You can buy a 4 foot tree and some programmable Christmas lights for a lot less than $249.

Based on the description, it doesn't sound like the Star Wars light sabers light up. Bummer.

I really like the Frosty Friends 40th Anniversary ornament. Of course, it uses a Keepsake Power cord while the other 2 Frosty Friends magic ornaments use the Magic cord. Another special cord for that tree.

The Glistening Lantern Snowman looks very good.

It appears the only ornament offered this year for the Magic Cord is the 9th Once Upon a Christmas ornament. With 2 Magic Cords daisy-chained you can get all 9 ornaments to work together.

Kringle's Toy Shop looks great. I wish they would switch ornaments that need AAA batteries to use the Keepsake Power Cord. These ornaments tend to be heavy, and the added weight of 2 or 3 AAA batteries makes them very heavy.

I'm glad to see the Peanuts tree skirt. Now our tree with Peanuts ornaments will have a matching tree skirt.

The Mischievous Kittens Surprise is disappointing to me. A repaint of the 3rd ornament in the series in 2 schemes in mystery boxes doesn't do it for me.

I'll stop for now....these are my initial questions and observations after looking through Hallmark website.

#327345 - 04/01/19 04:44 PM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
APAL2016 Offline
Elf Engineer - Toy Design

Registered: 02/14/16
Posts: 439
Loc: SC
1st Cozy Lil' Critter
Both Creature was Stirring
World Within
Tick Tock Twirlers
Pretty Penguin
Little Country Church
Eastern Bluebird
Poppy the Snowman
Frosty Surprise
Pepe Le Pew Kiss mas Greetings
Chasing his Tail
Classy Lil' Rocker
Pint-sized Piano
Petite Penguin

That's Snow Sweet
1969 Chevy Camaro

Snowtop Lodge
Tea Time!
Cozy Critters
All-American Trucks because is it a Jeep
Making Memories

Snow Gentleman
Nifty Fifties
Cuteness Beyond Measure
That's a Wrap
Nativity Bible
2019 Snowflake

#327346 - 04/01/19 05:02 PM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
Moley Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 10/05/14
Posts: 1074
Loc: Arkansas
Oh so many favorites in this year's offerings. The Heritage Ornaments are mixed in with the Keepsakes. I counted 16, may have missed one or two. My top three of the Heritage are:

The lovely Heart of Love is the same size as last year's red heart.

The Floral Onion is like three of this year's offerings in a purple, green and blues palette. It is not a traditional Christmas color scheme but in one I do love.

The Elegant Blue Egg shows off even more the rich palette of its sister onion. There is also a bluebird with a feather tail in these colors and design.

A premium Tinkerbell is tempting me in spite of its hefty $60 price. The colors and the bling, they call to me.

The book ornaments are always a delight, front and back, no less so is the Nativity Bible. I selected a back shot of the cover of the book because it reminds me so much of a childhood Bible.

Also out of childhood is a set of Tinkertoys made into a tree.

Snoopy as the Halloween Vulture is a sound, light and laughter show. Snoopy in this pose always cracks me up. He is giving Charlie Brown a good scare.

Donald and the nephews together in Good Scouts.

Poppy the Snowman goes with this year's Season's Treatings popcorn and cranberry mix. His closeup shows off his incredible detail against the perspective of how tiny he is next to that penny.

From childhood to 21 or older, I needed a drink after all that ornament gazing last night. And the drink I needed was this cute ornament coming out in December, Moscow Mule.

#327349 - 04/01/19 06:59 PM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
pxsrdh Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 03/08/05
Posts: 3315
Loc: U.S.A.
Puppy Love Great Dane - too cute

Mini Margarita - going to need multiples

Noble Nutcrackers Prince of the Forest - love that his hat is a
Christmas tree

Disney Mary Poppins - Such a cute face

Mini Pretty Penguin Porcelain - looks like he's going to start
dancing any minute now

Star Wars Lightsabers - love the way they look. I'm keeping me
fingers crossed that they're 1:6 scale.

Love all the record players! I like that they're all the same
size with few exceptions:
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Disney Mickey Mouse

Unikitty - I really like this character

NHS Noble Tudor - this is my favorite series

Zootopia Flash Slothmore - they captured him perfectly

Hasbro Connect 4 - I think it's going to work well in the dollhouse

Disney Donald Duck Good Scouts - I'm with Moley, it's a 10 on
the Cute-O-Meter

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - I'm overjoyed that it's
a series

North Pole Tree Trimmers - this series makes me happy :-)

Season's Treatings - I never want this series to end

Disney Princesses tabletop - Spectacular!

Mini Bitty Beer Stein - going to need multiples


Hallmark fan,

#327351 - 04/01/19 08:33 PM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
carstairs38 Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 03/02/10
Posts: 3319
Loc: Southern California
The new Nutcracker series calls to me louder each time I see it. Must resist.

I'm also surprised at some of the ornaments that aren't coming out until November or December, like the Harry Potter book cover. Definitely need to pay attention to that this year, especially for those of us who gamble on which ones we need to wishlist and which ones we can buy as the season progresses.
My Ornament Reviews Upd 5/4

#327352 - 04/01/19 08:37 PM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
JAS51 Offline
Elf Manager

Registered: 08/14/11
Posts: 551
I like the new Nutcracker series also. I really hate to start another series though (already have too many). Time to stop some of the series I think so I can start another one--LOL

#327353 - 04/01/19 08:47 PM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
Galloping_Cat Offline
Elf Manager

Registered: 04/06/09
Posts: 775
Loc: Alabama
I think that the ornaments look nice this year. There are so many!!!

The Beauty of Birds ornaments and the LEGO ornaments are must-haves for me.

My husband was excited to see a classic looking Aquaman, even though it is a miniature. We will be adding almost all of the Superhero ornaments to our superhero tree this year:

Christopher Reeve Superman
Invisible Jet Wonder Woman
Captain America
Iron Man
Captain Marvel Mystery Box
Classic Batgirl
Batman Rocks (guitar)
Classic Batboat
LEGO Robin
Mini Aquaman
Mini Green Lantern

We won’t be adding the Thanos or the Infinity Gauntlet.

#327355 - 04/02/19 07:37 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
JerseyVike Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/14/01
Posts: 8349
Loc: Jersey Shore
Need to have the DreamBook in hand, but here are some favorites so far.....

- Nifty Fifties
- Noble Tudor NH&S
- Holiday Lighthouse
- Despicable Me Merry Minions
- Nativity Bible
- That's A Wrap
- Defender
- Boba Fett (helmet)
- Cozy Critters
- All Are Welcome (church)

I would have liked the Nativity Bible to have the more detail and be jumping out similar to the Dr Seuss ornament, but I still very happy with it.

#327356 - 04/02/19 07:50 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
JerseyVike Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/14/01
Posts: 8349
Loc: Jersey Shore
Some negatives, so far.....

- the 18.99 ornaments price, 17.99 was high enough for these.
- I like the new nutcracker series, but don't I will buy due to the $23 price.
- Not too trilled with the North Pole Tree Trimmer, this is one of my favorite series.
- Already said this in another thread, but wish they would do classic board games for the Family Game Night series.
- Wish the PD Eastman books were Dr Seuss again, Hallmark most have lost that license.
- All the Star Wars ornaments seem over priced.

Some positives to come !!!

#327357 - 04/02/19 07:55 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
JerseyVike Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/14/01
Posts: 8349
Loc: Jersey Shore
A few positives so far....

- The tabletop lighthouse has a $50 price instead of the higher price for last years.
- good to see Star Wars Legos again(see my negatives for my thoughts on the price)
- Great to see another arcade game (Defender), played this in the arcades as a teenager.

Hopefully more to come !!!

#327362 - 04/02/19 08:56 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: JerseyVike]
luckdragon Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 12/26/05
Posts: 8490
Loc: Greensboro, NC
Originally Posted By: JerseyVike

- Already said this in another thread, but wish they would do classic board games for the Family Game Night series.

Did you see the video of Rodney Gentry talking about the ornament (I highly recommend folks watch it so you can see the actual ornament instead of the CGI version)? The game was invented in the late 60s, so it's more than 50 years old. Chutes and Ladders, by contrast, came out in 1974 (same year for Connect 4). Yeah, it's based on an older game (Snakes and Ladders), but the first time Chutes was used was in 1974. So, Hungry Hungry Hippos is older. wink

Speaking of games, did anyone figure out who won Connect 4? There are four pieces connected on the ornament.

#327364 - 04/02/19 09:17 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
kindacowboy Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 02/20/08
Posts: 2259
Loc: The belly button of Illinois
My internet was dicey yesterday at home, at the office AND at work so I haven't had much time to gather my thoughts. Maybe tonight

#327365 - 04/02/19 09:21 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
JerseyVike Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/14/01
Posts: 8349
Loc: Jersey Shore
I wasn't too big on Chutes and Ladders either, but it was a board game. I will probably but the Hungry, Hungry Hippos ornament, but hope for a board game next year. Connect 4 and Barrel of Monkeys are also on my initial list.

I have the Holiday Parade ornament on my list. I still see this series as a "Holiday Deliveries" series. The tree has a "sold" sign on it. And next years is a cake from a bakery. The price for the size should be $12.99.

#327366 - 04/02/19 09:43 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
luckdragon Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 12/26/05
Posts: 8490
Loc: Greensboro, NC
I played the video for the Batman guitar. I couldn't recall seeing the artist Rob Stanphill's name before. Seems like he did his first ornament last year (Vampirina, so that's why since I don't buy Disney Junior ornaments and wouldn't have given that one a second glance).

I'm tempted to buy the Batman guitar for my brother. How unique and fun!

Love the Christopher Reeve as Superman ornament even more since I heard the song play with it. It does kind of look like him, but it is hard to tell with that pose. I believe that one's going on my Wish List though. I'm more apt to put October ornaments on my Wish List since we get all the rewards from July. wink I didn't even realize until yesterday that I have $25 in rewards built up! Yay!

#327367 - 04/02/19 10:03 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
JerseyVike Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 02/14/01
Posts: 8349
Loc: Jersey Shore
Good to see the unofficial guitar series has a Christmas song again. Thought last years Freebird was a little strange. I'm also thinking of getting the Batman guitar. It's a little strange too, but I love the theme song.

#327368 - 04/02/19 10:15 AM Re: Favorites? Who has favorites yet? [Re: luckdragon]
luckdragon Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 12/26/05
Posts: 8490
Loc: Greensboro, NC
Yeah, I skipped the guitar last year. I didn't understand the choice. Beautiful ornament, so it's a shame. I don't know if I'll continue the guitars this year or not since I have all of them but Freebird, and there are a lot I want.

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