I have finished updating my artist lists to include the 2019 ornaments. I have put all of my artist lists on Dropbox so you can get the ones you want. This will save me having to EMail lists to people.

I created a couple of documents to help you get what you want. I hope that you can follow these steps.

If you can use Word, go to this link to get a list of all the artist lists I have created:

2019 All Keepsake Artists List

I believe there are 110 different lists, and some of them only have one or two entries.

You can use this list which has links to the individual lists to get the PDF version of that list. You can click on the links in the list to get to the PDF file.

If you only want the lists for the artists who will be signing at the event, use this link to the Word version:

2019 Event Keepsake Artists List

Once you have the file open you can download or print the file.

If you don't have Word (or a Word-compatible program), I have uploaded two PDF files that you can use for the same purpose. The PDF with all of the artist file links can be found at:

2019 All Keepsake Artists List (PDF)

Here's the link to the PDF file with the links to the files for artists who will be signing at the event:

2019 Event Keepsake Artists List (PDF)

I can't get Dropbox to open the links from the PDF documents, so if you download it then you can use it to get to the links where you can download or print the list(s).

I have also uploaded some Excel workbooks for those who like to use Excel. The workbook with all of the artist lists plus the information sources can be found at:

2019 All Keepsake Artists (Excel)

If you want the workbook with only the artists who will be at the events you can find it here:

2019 Event Keepsake Artists (Excel)

I chose not to include the information for the event collaboration piece The Magic of Christmas North Pole Village because it is supposed to be pre-signed. I'll add those entries when I do the 2020 updates if not before. I also added an entry for Matt Johnson's 2018 Mayor's Christmas Tree ornament. This was the first time in a number of years that Hallmark announced who created that ornament. If you're coming to KC for the event and don't have two things to have Matt sign I know he'll enjoy signing these. You can purchase this ornament at Crown Center Customer Service, which is located in the Crown Center Shops. You'll probably visit the Amy's Hallmark store, and it's easy to get to Customer Service. From Amy's, you turn left as you come out of the store and walk straight ahead. When you get to the second set of escalators, turn left again. Customer Service is straight ahead, right across from the fudge shop that always has delicious smells.