Today, with a HUGE thanks to a very, very kind Yulelogger, I received 3 of the event ornaments. I am not a porcelain fan, but love, love, love Santa and his reindeer. The expressions and details of the ornament are really well done. The Puppy Love also had a great paint job and i know my grandson will love it. The BG Tanager is also a beautiful piece, though the red one is still my favorite. I passed on Mrs Claus, but am rethinking...

Can others share their thoughts on the other product available? Mrs Claus?

Again, Thank you to a marvelous Yulelogger - your time and significant effort is sincerely appreciated.

Also, a shout out to say thank you to the kind Yulelogger that shared photos with me today of the auction nutcrackers.

I was disappointed I couldn't make the event after going for years, but getting the ornaments and seeing the photos made my day!