Dear YuleLoggers,

I hope everyone is well during these strange times!

Having been stuck inside most days with more free time than usual, I have had time to focus on developing what I intend to be the “future” of YuleLog Software.

As perhaps some of you know, YuleLog is developed using a program called FileMaker Pro. As of late, Filemaker has been moving away from what are called runtime solutions, or databases that are exported in a format that allows them to be installed on other computers. This is how YuleLog is currently distributed on both Mac and Windows. You are no doubt familiar with transferring your backup program from version to version, etc. From what I understand, there will be a point (perhaps soon) that Filemaker applications like YuleLog will no longer be compatible with newer operating systems. This means you might have trouble accessing your collection in a few years.

With this in mind, and looking around at new technologies available, I have spent the past three years (when I’ve had time from regular YuleLog work and my day job) to develop what I am calling YuleLog for Web.


  • YuleLog for Web will be available on Web Browsers and as an iOS app (Android planned)
    • Instead of installing the program via DVD or digital download, you will access YuleLog either on a web browser (Google Chrome is the preferred browser, and is of course available for free) or via our iOS app
    • Please see screenshots below for an idea of the new interface
  • Data stored in the cloud
    • This means no more exporting or importing backup files, by far the most tedious part of using YuleLog. Your data is automatically backed up and can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.
    • Your data can be exported as an Excel file and PDF reports can be generated for printing.
  • Data imported from your desktop version of YuleLog
    • All customers data is currently stored on their computer. This of course means that data will have to be migrated to the new system. I have written a script to do this, and will import users’ software for free for a certain amount of time.
    • Custom items and photos will be imported
      • If you have custom items or items with custom photos, these items will be added to your YuleLog for Web
    • My goal is to have all customers move to the new version of YuleLog. I will continue to produce the old version of YuleLog as long as it is supported on newer operating systems. But the fact is that the days of that solution are numbered.
  • Department 56 Price Guide also included.
    • The new version of the software will have both a Hallmark Price Guide and the Dept. 56 Price Guide we have produced for some time.
  • Web-based apps are in continuous development and can be easily updated.
    • The good thing about apps served via web browsers and the App Store is that I can make changes at any time. I can add features upon request. I am not forced to wait an entire year between updates to tweak small things, add requested features, add missing items, correct items with incorrect information, add better photos, etc.



Yulelog for Web will use a subscription based model, as we currently use for YuleLog. A one year subscription to YuleLog for Web will be $40 annually (Roughly $3.33 per month). If you buy the offline version of YuleLog, you will receive a complimentary subscription of YuleLog for Web the first year it is released. This means if you already YuleLog, you won’t be charged to use YuleLog for Web. This gives you and me time to import your collection into YuleLog for Web.



I am at a point where I am ready to begin Beta testing for YuleLog for Web. The requirements for Beta testers:

  • Must have access to Google Chrome
    • A free web browser
  • Must have an iOS device, such as an iPad or an iPhone. Preferable one that runs iOS 13. If you aren’t sure about this, I will work with you to make sure you have a device that is compatible with YuleLog.
  • Must use YuleLog currently and have a collection you can export from YuleLog (i.e. a backup file, backup.fmp12)

The responsibilities:

  • Interact with various features and report back with feedback. I will not require continuous feedback, but just some time devoted to using the program and whatever feedback you choose to provide.
  • Send me your backup file so I can run tests importing it into YuleLog, then go through records to ensure it has transferred to your liking.

If you are interested in Beta Testing, email me at or respond in this thread.


Note: Before you ask, the offline version of YuleLog (that is, what all YuleLoggers currently use) will continue to be released. I understand people are used to using that version and that users can be uncomfortable with change. I have no plans to discontinue this version of the software so long as operating systems like Windows 10 and the latest version of macOS support it.

Web Version

iPhone/iPad Version