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#67232 - 06/06/02 09:46 AM If you owned a store...
Dee Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 05/10/99
Posts: 3426
Loc: Raytown, MO USA
how would you run your Premiere?

I would definitely open at midnight. There is something about all of us standing in line in the dark waiting for those doors to open.

Definitely have food!!

Games, of course!

Giveaways, a must!

Employees who enjoy not only their job, but have to enjoy this time of year. Employees who act like this a pain puts a damper on everything.

A theme is fun!

Advertising it. It seems like a secret society. I never see advertising for Premiere in stores.

#67233 - 06/06/02 12:22 PM Re: If you owned a store...
sueinBC Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 04/26/99
Posts: 2139
Loc: British Columbia, Canada
If I had a store.......... hmmmm. I am having trouble getting past that. If I had a store it would be a Hallmark one but I really, really don't want a store as I'd have to work holidays and at Christmas and I'd hate it!!!! I hate that retail stores are open on Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) as it means I have to leave my warm Christmassy home and join the madding crowds if I want any bargains!!!

Anyway, I am seriously off the topic - sorry !!!

So, I have decided to be the manager and my seniority allows me not to have to work Christmas and I am planning Premiere.

I would definitely advertise! Often the people that you meet at Premiere have just stumbled onto it by accident.

I would have club members or enthusiastic staff manning the ornament display area to answer questions and help customers find what they are looking for.

I'd have either an unveiling party for the club members if they haven't helped set up or an appreciation party if they have. I like the idea of an early morning opening with breakfast.

I'd have a theme to the party and to the all-day event. Perhaps I'd pick one of the new ornament series and build around it. If I chose Sweet Tooth Treats, I'd bring in a line of cookie jars, cookie cutters, recipes etc. I'd display the ornament with other like ones (bears and baking) There would be lots different cookies for refreshments and lots of small prizes!

Throughout the day, I might have spot prizes that could be given out at the moment - those might include the colourway etc drawings for the major game but it would be fun to have some small prizes that could be given out to people that were present as that would build excitement.

That's it so far. I have exhausted my imagination!

Sue, Surrey,B.C.

"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."
-G.K. Chesterton
Sue, Surrey,B.C.

"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."
-G.K. Chesterton

#67234 - 06/06/02 07:07 PM Re: If you owned a store...
Mary F. Offline
Santa's Helper

Registered: 05/12/99
Posts: 6793
Loc: Milwaukee, WI USA
My Hallmark Store would be open at 7 AM on Premiere day. I would have a Continental Breakfast with coffee, tea and juice.

The employees would be wearing Elf costumes and I would have a Santa Claus for customers to have their picture taken with him.

I would advertise in the Main Newspaper and the smaller neighborhood ones.

For the Hallmark Contest, I would add some of my overstock from the years before and use them as extra presents. OR, I would give them out (while supply lasts) to anyone who purchases an ornament. Both ideas came from past Hallmark Stores I shopped at on Premiere Day.

For the October and November events, I would have give-a-ways where a customer would pick a slip of paper and receive what is printed on it.

#67235 - 06/06/02 07:07 PM Re: If you owned a store...
Donna Schweiger Offline
Elf Manager

Registered: 04/25/99
Posts: 828
Loc: Danville, VA USA
Hmmm I agree Sue. I would not want to work "retail" hours, so if I owned a Hallmark store it would be just for fun, as I would have won some huge lottery and not have to worry about "business" stuff.

I would pay my employees and treat them so well, they would be eager, helpful, and friendly. My store would always be busy and my club members would be the best. Naturally all locals would be aware of the big event, by ads and invitations.

We would party high!.. BIG fun... LOTS of food... and special friendships! A Hallmark artist, Ed Seale perhaps, would be our honored guest. There would be lots of prizes given out all day. I really like themes, but have yet to come up with one I like for this year .... Smiles... I guess it's good this is just for pretend ...


#67236 - 06/07/02 12:00 AM Re: If you owned a store...
cally Offline
Elf VP

Registered: 07/15/01
Posts: 1439
Loc: Victoria, B.C. Canada
If I owned my store, I would definitely have a Keepsake Artist for a signing on Premiere Day. And I would do lots of advertising! I agree, it does seem like a big secret society - the only customers who know about it are the ones in the KOCC and the 150 people I mail postcards to! I would also open at midnight and make it a pyjama party. Because we are in a mall, we can't open outside of mall hours unless we hire 2 security guards! (If I were rich enough to own the store, I'd make the guards wear Santa Suits!) Of course in my fantasy store, there would be so many hundreds of customers we would need the guards for crowd control. There would be lots of food, and all the staff would actually know the ornaments! I would have a gift for every purchaser, to thank them for coming out at midnight!
.......sigh. Sure would be nice.

#67237 - 06/09/02 09:01 AM Re: If you owned a store...

Hey Girls, when you open your real HMK store, please let me know. I will surely attend your premiers...etc. with an extra big smile and two extra big bags.

#67238 - 06/09/02 01:24 PM Re: If you owned a store...

I would steal all of the aforementioned ideas
PLUS if money were no object...I'd have Josh Groban singing LIVE...any old tune he wanted though of course Christmas tunes would have to be a main focus.If he really did show up...well the store merchandise would be the last thing on my mind!
I'd also give great discounts to seniors & allow a teacher to exchange up to 3 HM teacher ornies that were duplicate gifts from previous yrs. for something low priced...maybe holiday napkins,plates,etc.
I would have a cutesy bulletin board for customers to post HM ornies they want to exchange or items they need...so they needn't get involved with insured postage doing it the internet way...
I would give bonus gifts to anyone who is not a club member...& then ...
well, I guess I'd have to go back to substitute teaching.

#67239 - 06/09/02 02:25 PM Re: If you owned a store...

Originally posted by Leverne:
Hey Girls, when you open your real HMK store, please let me know. I will surely attend your premiers...etc. with an extra big smile and two extra big bags.

I have known Leverne for a long time and can't believe she would only have 2 big bags.
Come on Leverne, lets be honest here. LOL

#67240 - 06/09/02 04:00 PM Re: If you owned a store...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jo-Ann, you know me sooooo well. Ralph would also be there exchanging the bags as they fill up and bringing them to Ford Ranger. LOL

Jo-Ann, I know you would also be there with your rubbermaid containers, Don and your big van. LOL

Wouldn't that be FUN????
What a topic?

#67241 - 06/09/02 06:40 PM Re: If you owned a store...
Richard Gehrke Offline

Registered: 04/13/99
Posts: 1312
Loc: Mahtowa, MN
Ooh so many great ideas on how to run the Premiere (Hopefully there are some retailers out there who can take note of some of these ideas.)

I would have a midnight opening for Local Club Members. I would plan to have guests to start arriving at 11:00. I would have them dress up in costumes of previous ornaments or new ornaments. I would serve a pancake breakfast for our guests. Have our guests fill out the Trivia Cards and draw for atleast the colourways on this night (so that way they go to an experienced collector for certain.) and perhaps a trivia game with past year's ornaments as a prize.

For the general Premiere Opening, I would have a secondary market show set up for customers. I would decorate a real Christmas tree inside the store with wrapped presents underneath and some of the new line of Christmas ornaments on the tree.

I would have Christmas Cookies, Punch, Coffee, Christmas Breads, Christmas Candy, and Cake for refreshments. I would have previous year's ornaments on sale at this time along with other sidewalk sale merchandise displayed prominently. (Every year at one of my hallmarks, the summer sidewalk sale and Premeire coincide.)

I would have the staff dressed in costumes and there would be a Santa Claus and Mrs. Clause for picture taking.

Christmas music would also be playing in the background gently. I would also be passing out brochures for the Keepsake Ornament Collectors Club and if I sponsored a Local Club Membership Forms for that club as well.

I would also advertise in the store for several weeks before Premiere, send out special invitations for my VIP customers, and advertise in the local paper.

[This message has been edited by Richard Gehrke (edited 06-09-2002).]


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