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YuleLog Ornament Collection Data Base

What is YuleLog?

YuleLog is a data base program for people that collect Hallmark Christmas Ornaments and Department 56 items. The program includes a price guide that will be updated every year. This allows you to know what the market value of your ornament collection is. Once you have entered your collection, you can use YuleLog to print an inventory report that shows you the replacement cost of your collection. You can also use YuleLog to keep track of ornaments that you want to buy or ornaments that you want to sell. Information can be viewed ornament by ornament or as a scrolling list. Full search and sort capability is available. Many different printable reports are standard. YuleLog includes color pictures of almost every Hallmark ornament, Department 56 Buildings and Accessories, the Kiddie Car Classics, and Merry Miniatures.

Can I use YuleLog for Ornaments that are not by Hallmark?

Yes. Currently the only price guide offered for YuleLog is just for Hallmark and Department 56, but you can manually enter any ornament (or almost any collectible item) into the data base if you like. However it was designed primarily with Hallmark in mind. If enough customers ask, we will investigate the possibility of adding other price guides.

What type of computer do I need?

YuleLog will run on Mac or Windows computers.
The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Any Macintosh running OS X (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite)
  • DVD drive

  • Windows 7 or 8
  • DVD drive



How much does YuleLog cost?

The YuleLog Ornament Database and Price for Hallmark is available for $40. The Department 56 verison is available for $30. Shipping and handling are $5.00. YuleLog is shipped by First Class Mail and should get to you within three or four business days of your order. Includes a 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. CLICK HERE for Order Info! If you are interested in a Digital Download, visit this site.

When will the price guide be updated?

The YuleLog Price Guide will be updated, with the all of the new ornaments and pictures for that year, once each year, usually in late summer. New secondary market prices are provided. This gives you new secondary market prices for the Christmas ornaments through the prior year.

How much will Price Guide updates be?

Mid Year updates with the new ornaments will be $20 for a new DVD.
All registered customers will be mailed an order form as soon as the updates are ready.
CLICK HERE for Update Order Info!

How can I put pictures into the data base?

YuleLog now comes with the pictures on DVD! When you select an item from the price guide, you will be able to see its picture. When it is added to your collection, the picture comes with it. Since the pictures take up so much disk space (over 700 megabytes!), you will need a DVD drive.

You can still add your own photos if you like. YuleLog lets you compare your picture with the one supplied by YuleLog. You can then pick the one you want to display. Try to start with an original that is proportioned as much like the frame (portrait and not landscape) as possible, and close to the size of the frame. If you copy very large, high resolution photos, you may make the file too large. YuleLog files have a 2 gig limit, and if you are pasting in large photos, you can hit that limit. The instructions for adding your own photos follow:

If you have a scanner or a digital camera, you should copy the image to the clipboard. This is usually done by running a program that lets you view your scanned picture., selecting the image, and picking copy from the Edit menu. You will then be able to paste it into the YuleLog picture frame.

1. First you must be at the Ornament Details screen in YuleLog. Without quitting YuleLog (both programs have to be running), open the program that contains the picture that you want to copy.

2. With the 2nd program, open the picture you want to copy, select it, and choose Copy (usually from the Edit menu) to copy the item to the clipboard.

3. Switch back to YuleLog.

4. Click on the Picture button to copy the picture from the Clipboard to the YuleLog picture frame.

What information is included in the Price Guide?

We obtain our Secondary Market Prices from They are one of the largest and best know on line secondary market dealers. The ornaments are sorted by year, and include the Hallmark ID number, the name of the ornament (or ornament series and number), the original box price, and the secondary market price. YuleLog adds to this information the artist who designed the ornament whenever possible. The included Hallmark items are:

  • Keepsake Christmas Ornaments <- Photos included
  • Keepsake Miniature Ornaments <-Photos included
  • Gold Crown Christmas Ornaments <- Some Photos Included
  • Showcase Christmas Ornaments <-Photos Included
  • Merry Miniatures <-Photos included
  • Easter/Spring Ornaments < Photos included
  • Kiddie Car Classics <-Photos included
  • Department 56 Buildings and Accessories (from 23 villages, around 4,500 ornaments) <-Photos included

  • Who produces YuleLog?

    Sean Ray and YuleLog Software, sell and support YuleLog. Sean is the owner of YuleLog Software, the son of Todd Ray, the program's creator and YuleLog's founder. Sean is a graduate student at the University of Denver seeking his M.A. in International Studies and Russian but enjoy software development on the side. Todd has an Associates degree in Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology, a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Master's degree in Engineering Management. He is a Data Network Engineer with a major shipping company as well as the owner and operator of YuleLog Software.

    Will I be able to get support if I need it?

    Yes! We pride ourselves in our helpful, courteous, and quick responses. Help is just an E-mail ( message away. We try to respond to every question as quickly as we can. If we don't know the answer to your problem, we will do our best to find out in less than 24 hours. The fastest way to reach us, is via eMail. If your questions can't be answered via eMail, we will set up an appointment to discuss the problem on the phone. We are always happy to hear suggestions for changes, corrections, or improvements. You can also find lots of help on our Help Page at

    Is YuleLog a Hallmark product?

    No. YuleLog is not affiliated or associated in any way with Hallmark Cards, Inc. We do use photos supplied by Hallmark with their permission.

    How do I order YuleLog?

    You may order by, by mail, or direct from our Web page.

    To order with a check or money order,Mail orders to

    Sean Ray
    YuleLog Software
    1321 Upland Drive PMB #3556
    Houston, TX 77043

    Make Checks and Money Orders payable to Todd Ray.

    To Place an order directly from the Web,
    using your credit card,
    click below to see

    How to Order

    Do you sell Hallmark Ornaments?

    I'm sorry, but I do not sell ornaments. I sell software for people who collect Hallmark Christmas Ornaments. You can learn more about it on my main web page at

    I do sponsor a free Bulletin Board where people buy and sell ornaments. It can be found at Look for the Buy/Sell/Trade boards. The For Sale board has posts by people looking to sell. The Looking to Buy board is where you can post about what you are looking for. There are lots of collectors meeting there every day, to discuss ornament collecting!

    You will also find some secondary market dealers on the YuleLog Links page at Tell them that YuleLog sent you!

    Thank you for taking the time to review this information. If you have any questions, or wish to place an order, feel free to send an eMail. If you have a friend who would benefit from our software, please forward this information to them. Word-of-mouth referrals have been our best source of advertisement. Again, thank you.

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