The YuleLog Ornament Collector's Bulletin Board

Has Moved!


It's time for a change!

The New YuleLog Bulletin Boards have been running for some time now and they are working very well.

They offer many improvements over the old boards. They are much more reliable and easier to maintain.
There are several boards to choose from.

I have set up one board for those of you who prefer the old style.
This new
YuleLog "Classic" Bulletin Board is set up to look and feel very much like this board!
All of the posts are on one page, and all you have to do, to add a new message is click on the Post Reply button.
This is where buy/sell/trade messages will be.

I know it is a little different, but I think you will like it after you get used to it. It really can be fun!

Click Here to Look at all of the New Bulletin Boards
You will be able to add new topics or reply to existing topics.

If you prefer the old style with all posts on one page,
Click here to use the New YuleLog "Classic" Bulletin Board
(and remember to use the Add Post button to add messages)

To learn more about how to use the new Bulletin Boards,
Click Here

Comfort and Joy!

Todd Ray
YuleLog Software